Away for a few days  

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5/2/2006 4:15 am

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Away for a few days

Hey everybody!I just thought I would drop alittle line to let you know I'll be away for a few days. I'll be in Rolla doing a house remodel for my sister. Soooo much to do and only a few days to get it done. I hope to get out to play this weekend. I sure could use a helping hand. Just wrap it around my hard cock and squeeze. Cup my swollen nuts and give them a gentle message. Watch how hard and shinny my cock head gets, pulsing and throbbing wanting to erupt sending my seed flying!
It's early and up at the keyboard with my hard cock in hand, stroking it, making love to it, edging so close to release but not losing that edge. So damn horny that all that is needed is a couple of short quick strokes then let go and feel it throbbing and pulsing. I re-grip my shaft between two fingers and my thumb, twisting circles ,around and around. Taking me higher and higher. I wish I had a hard cock here to put my lips around, one to slowly suck into my hot wet mouth, one to guide into a pussy that would be right above me in a 69 position. I love to see fucking up close, real close soo close I can run my tongue along the crack and cock at the same time. Feel his swollen nuts resting on my chin, while my tongue traces circles around her clit. Here is a new twist to the same ole dream, I need a hard cock in my ass rubbing against my prostrate, all the while my cock is being gobbled up and sucked. I'm sooo dripping wet and hot right now, it is gonna be a big one. It's been over aweek since I have gotten a nut and I neeed this one. Not much touching needed now just light circles around my head , rubbing in the clear slick precum , oozing form my red,swollen head. My head is totally into the fuck scene running around in the theater of my mind. A wiggling, gyrating, thrusting mass of cum hungry flesh, creeping closer and closer to that moment when the brain is flooded with the feel good chemicals of orgasm. She is taking my cock in and out of her mouth deeper, all the way to the balls. He is pushing his cock deep up in her pussy while my tongue is busy licking and savoring every drop of juice escaping her pussy. Licking the inches that aren't getting buried in her. All the while the assault on my tight ass has begun to take control of my movements, forcing myself hard against that hard cock. trying to envelope as much of that pleasure invoking rod as possible. All thoughts are fading except for my hungry ass squeezing and milking the cock, as it rams into my prostrate again and again. Omg it is just too much no it is just what I need to get me off. With my hand wrapped around my cock I feel the point of retreat behind me as I'm lost in the explosion of cum pulsing from my cock. One jet is followed by another. Fat juicy ropes launching skyward. Returning to land on my hairy chest. omg another big blast going higher landing on my face, sliding into the corner of my mouth. The tension is easing slipping away replaced by that satisfied feeling as small after pulses continue to shake me through and through, making sure I've emptied my nuts of their sweet nectar.
Damn that felt good, Hope you enjoy taking care of my need here on the blog where everybody can read about it. Peace everybody!


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