The problem with suburbs...  

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8/12/2006 1:25 pm

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The problem with suburbs...

I feel like I should be adding something else to this blog.

If I were to just post mentionings of sexual conquest, or cancellation, this will be a very disused blog.

You see, due to where I live (a rather small town) and because of transportation issues, I basically am limited to people who is a bike ride distance away. Which at first doesn't sound so bad. On checking, despite this being, as I've said, a small town, there are a few couples and singles who actually seem pretty hot, open, and intelligent.

So great, no problem right? Surely at least one of them wouldn't mind my company, or at least meet up to see if the chemistry is right. Right?

No such luck. The curse of the small town scenario is just that: it's small. You can easily avoid a person if you don't end up liking them in a big city: you could go to a different grocery store, coffee place, book store, etc. In this town there's only one grocery store, one coffee place and one--well, no bookstore, but only one library. It also makes things a little more iffy when they need to be discreet.


Oh well, hopefully that'll change. If things don't work out I'm good about letting go. Or maybe I can get a car that I can legally drive; that would be nice too.

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