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-Do you remember what you were doing when you heard?

I remember exactly what I was doing, I was turning in the first due paper for my Senior S.T.E.P. Project into the Career Center. The T.V. was on.

-What was your 1st reaction?

When the dust cleared and I could finally think coherently, I believe my first reaction was thinking, "...We fucked up."

-Did you think it was a joke or hoax?

At first I thought it was made up. There was a friend of mine watching it and writing on a piece of paper so I thought it was a fictional scenario demonstrating how the government would react in the first few hours of such an event. I mean come on, the World Trade Center and Pentagon getting attacked at the same time? Sounded fake.

After watching the T.V. for a while I slowly started to get uncomfortable and I finally asked my friend, a football jock, if this was real, and in the most scared sounding voice I have ever heard out of him, he said yes.

-Did you go to work or stay if already there?

I had to go to class, but all we did was watch the T.V. Eventually we were let out early and all I did at home was watch T.V.

-Did you cry or get angry, or were you just too fucking shocked to react?

I think I did a little of everything, except get angry. I was mostly scared, devastated, and mind stopping-ly shocked.

-How did you react to it as the entire story was unfolding during the days & weeks after?

I kept telling myself I was dreaming and that soon I'd be waking up. Of course, I never did.

-Were you in NY (other affected areas) or have a friend or relative there?

No, I wasn't and I didn't. But many people were and did.

-How has your life been affected by this?

I try to keep up with the news more, paying a little closer attention to the political scene. It helped that I was taking Global Issues as a class that year.

-Do you think it could have possibly been avoided.

Possibly. It's a real thorny issue and the facts are *still* a little muddled.

-Think it could or will happen again...here?

Never say never. it's not something I like to think about but that's not really an excuse nor an answer.

-What thoughts (if any) do you have on some of the conspiracy theories making the rounds?

It's all bulls#!t and it's disrespectful for those who died. I could go on and on about this, debunking every point made, but I wont bother here.

-Will you be acknowledging the anniversary in any special way?

I probably should, but it's called Patriot Day and it reminds me of the Patriot Act, which makes me shudder. I should probably go to the National Cemetery, which is also, now that I think about it, right by my old high school.

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