Maybe I should comment/e-mail myself!!  

grlcurious69 48F
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5/26/2006 6:12 am
Maybe I should comment/e-mail myself!!

Ladies, I'm waitig for you. I'm sitting her on my big exercise ball, legs spread wide apart, lips against the slick plastic. I've brought one of my favorite toys in here with triple vibrating egg. Do you know that if you place the egg between your lips and tight against your clitty, when you turn it on you can feel it all the way through your honeyhole?!! I guess I'll just get myself off waiting for some lovely delicious young kitten to send me a comment, or e-mail. I see lots of you have checked out my blog, but nobody wants to leave me a comment. How sad. Time to turn on the egg!! I'm waiting and wriggling. Don't make me cum alone!

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