I'm new to the game  

grlcurious69 48F
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5/24/2006 10:15 am
I'm new to the game

Well,..this is truly a first. I'm sitting here, fantacizing about my ideal day. New to the idea of lady love, I can only imagine what it would be like to have the doorbell ring. When I open the door, there's a beautiful young woman with a slightly older lovely woman who introduce themselves as selling "Happy Homemaker" gift items. I cordially invite them in. The sweet, perky young woman opens her travel case. I try not to notice how close she is sitting next to me but I can feel her knee against my leg. Her mentor is sitting on the other side of her, encouraging her with her hand. This beauty introduces herself...Candie...how appropriate. She looks good enough to eat! Her mentor is "Divanna". She is poised yet sultry. There's an electrical current in the room. Candie begins to uncover all the lovely "gift items". Some are quite familiar. Some are new to me. I see the lovely silver balls. A triple strength vibrating egg. A lovely soft butterfly with leg straps. I've never experienced the butterfly. When I tell the women this, Divanna encourages Candie to demonstrate it to me, or should I say, on me! She helps me stand, my knees are weak. Are yours?

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