First time continued again  

grlcurious69 48F
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5/24/2006 10:30 am
First time continued again

Candie quickly turns the battery pack up to full. I yelp and writh in the chair. The sensation is delightful. I'm certain the butterfly is worth every penny. I pull Candie's hand to the outside of the vibrating plastic and she presses it further onto my exploding clit. She slips her finger in behid the ribs and begins to finger me, first with one finger, then two. Divanna joins her hand inside me. I slide to the floor, moaning and wriggling with delight. They undress me, though I don't remember how. In minutes, we're all naked and on the bed. Divanna's hand still inside me, Candie is now settling herself over my hungry mouth. I begin to cum with pleasure, screaming and writhing like never before. The thought of two lovely women making me so hot and crazed is too much for me to bear. I explode with passion, sucking and flicking Candie until she's dripping all over my face. She bucks my mouth. They rip the butterfly off me and both go down on my trobbing clit, fighting over it, two tongues, I squeal with delight. What other toys do they have? Can we play some more...?

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