best laid plans of mice and men  

grizzleybear1093 34M
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3/10/2006 6:17 pm
best laid plans of mice and men

well today I was suppose to have my brother take me to lowes to apply didn't happen he has to work tonight and well he came in waited untill his fiance left for work and then I went to get him some gas in his vehicle and then after that we came home dad was suppose to take me to look at a vehicle he came home used the bathroom and then said he was tired didn't feel like traveling all that way to look at a vehicle so I wasn't able to check out a vehicle yeah you always gotta love broken yes we wills or promisses I just get so fead up with beign such a burrden to people and stuff it hurts to live life and ask for things and it always seems like it will get better and then things comes unraveled I guess it is like the quote "best laid plans of mice and men" nothing works how it should nothing ever happens how or when it should and sometimes I feel like I would love to be out of this lil game someone is playing

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