Vision of my own death  

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4/12/2006 9:22 am

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Vision of my own death

The freakiest thing happened to me today. I stopped at the shop on the way to work and as I was unlocking my car to get back in I had this vision, it was like a flash and then I saw from another view, someone behind me shoot me in the back with a hand gun. It was really weird, my hands were shaking for a few hours after that. I still cant get over it.

Well apart from that my day was alright, worked 6.5 hours without a half hour break, (doesnt bother me but the industry award states we have to have a half hour break for every 6 hours worked), so I dont know what will happen. At the last place I worked, when something like that happened I would get the half an hour I worked past 6 hours payed at time and a half, and they would also pay me an extra half an hour for the break I didnt get, which was pretty cool. Hopefully I will get the same deal here.

Well its 2.20am and Im not tired at all so Ill probably be up for another hour or two. Have a good night/day!

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