Just a story I am writing.  

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9/29/2005 1:46 pm

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Just a story I am writing.

I'm writing this story. Tell me what you think.


griminflictor 50M
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9/29/2005 1:48 pm

It's late at night around 10 pm and it starts storming out. You don't like it, the wind is blowing real hard. You deside to call me up, just for someone to talk to. I answer and we talk a bit. You say its gettin real bad here and ask if I wouldn't mind coming over for a bit to sit with you. I agree and head over to your house. I arrive at your house. You answer the door in a pair of shorts and a tanktop. You invite me in and we go into the living room and plop down on the couch. We talk for a bit. I ask you about the kids. You say the kids are all sleeping quietly. You say you were up on a ladder all day finishing your painting and your legs are really sore. I offer to rub them for you. You
lay your head on the arm of the couch and put your legs on my lap. I start by rubbing your feet, working my fingers into your archs. My palms pressing against the top of them. After a bit I move up to your ankles. My fingers working the kinks out. I star to rub your calfs. your legs are soo smooth. I take my fingers an lightly brush them under the length of your leg. You get goosbumps. I put one leg on each side of me. and turn to face you. I tell you to close your eyes. I start at you knees. My hands on top of your thighs. You feel my fingers working into your muscles. I start to work my way up your legs. My thumbs are massaging the inside of your thighs. Working higher and higher up your leg. I reach the top of your leg. And while Im rubbing your legs my thumbs brush against the front of your shorts. Right where your pussy is. After a bit you let out a little moan. I reach up and unbotton your shorts. I lift your ass and slide your short and your underwear off. You but your legs straight up in the air so I can get the over your feet. You star to put your legs back down on my sides but your calf lands on my shoulder. I kiss the side of your calf and start to run my tongue up the inside of your leg. My hair gets caught in your stupid ankle cuff. I work through the pain. I make some stupid comment about it and you tell me to shut up. Don't make me laugh. I tell you, I just need to keep my tongue occupied. You say, then shut up and do it. So i take my tongue and start back up you leg. Your legs get wider as my shoulders slide between them. You feel my hot breath on your pussy. I start to lick between your leg and your pussy. I stop for a second and put my hair in a ponytail to keep it out of my way. I lick all around your pussy. you feel one of my fingers part your lips. and barely slide in your pussy. Right then my tongue finds your clit. I circle it with my tongue as my finger works further into you. I press my tongue hard to your clit and start to lick. My finger is deep inside of you now Looking for your G-spot. I just found it. your hips rais a little like you want more. I slide a second finger into you. You are so wet now. Both of them are rubbing your spot. My lips surround your clit and I start to suck it. My tongue still flicking the top of it while it is between them. You are startin to moan a little louder. I look up at you and see that you have both nipples between your fingers. I start to massage your g-spot harded. sucking your clit harder. I pull my fingers almost out and slise them back in. You start to moan a little louder. I start to pound your tight little pussy with my fingere. My tongue lashing your clit. I feel your close to coming. I pull my fingers out and replace it with my tongue. You are so wet. My thumb starts rubbing your clit. My tongue swirling up inside you. You grab my ponytail. You raise your hips and pull my hair tight. I am licking your pussy so hard now. My thumb is rubbin your clit faster and harded. I feel your body start to shudder. You re comming. You pull my hair tighter. I start to taste your juices. Ooooo ya baby. you taste sooooo goood. Mmmmm I like to feel that pussy on my mouth. when your body stop shuddering I...........

rnrkitty 45F

10/12/2005 2:32 pm

All I can say is...my feet hurt! LOL

FavusShunsLares 53F   
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10/10/2007 7:48 am

OMG!!!!!!!Tell me where you'll be during the next storm, LOL.......

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