Email and the games  

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1/25/2006 12:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Email and the games

You know it is a trip on most of these sites, to watch the games that people play. You can send out a gazillion emails to people to try and contact someone that you have found attractive and get no response. Are these people for real? Mostly not! It is amazing to me that folks put nude photo's up on a site such as AAF advertising for sex with someone in the category they want to select, then won't answer the email for reasons known only to themselves. Let's get real!

If you don't like the guy, gal, or couple, at least have the courtesy to tell them why they are not a match! It is not like they are going to reach through the internet and smack you. Be truthful. "I don't like you because you are ancient", "You have baggy tits", "I am not seeing anyone new at this point", or something. At least now they will know that the message got through and you don't like them or you are not ready to see a new person or something!

The other amazing thing that surprises alot of people, is the write ups that many people put up that are so bogus it is amazing! "I want to find a man to share my wife with and have hot, sweaty sex." Then they will put in what they want to do and all of the trimmings. Go to the bottom of the box and they start listing all of the things that are off limits, to include sex with my wife! Simply amazing!

If you do not want to communicate what you want, then follow up with folks that contact you to provide what you want, get the hell off of the site!!! This is an Adult SEX SITE!!!

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