alittle....Girls fun  

greneyedbeauty 47F
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6/7/2006 11:34 am

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6/7/2006 5:35 pm

alittle....Girls fun

i've spoken with Candice on and off on the phone and we finally got a chance to meet each other one afternoon in the mall,we both needed to shop and thought it be a perfect oppurtunity to meet one another,we met in the food court i spotted her immediately-she was wearing a short khaki mini skirt and low cut peach top..her strawberry hair was swept up a few pieces fell along her slinder neck her breasts were perfect...a good size b's ..she had curves her ass was full but not over-bearing..i approached her,she immediately went to hug me and whisper in my ear god your gorgeous i laughed and told her i felt the same about her...she grabbed my hand...and we went walked off....i let her lead as she lead me down the hall of the public restrooms..we turned and went inside the large room....and she pressed up against me kissing me hard her soft lips slipping across mine as she pushed her tits into mine...i reached and cupped her ass...pushing her into me more....squeezing her ass cheeks in my hand as her tongue flickered on mine as she sucked my tongue hard...a woman walked in...and gasped loudly...we stopped and laughed...leaving the we talked and laughed making our way to Victoria Secrets...finding the bras and panties we liked...a young salesgirl offering her help in assisting us.....Candace asking my we try these one room..the salesgirl smiled and showed us the way to a small dress room...with one chair and full length mirror and a door closing...locking us Candace smiled...we undressed quickly watching each other...her breasts were grogeous the small light pink nipples ..harden as i reached my mouth over flickering my tongue to them....and her pussy was a thick lipped pussy covered slightly with neatly trimmed hair as she couldnt wait to see my large tits pulling at my shirt then eagerly popping them out of my bra the heavy 36dd's sucking eagerly my nipples moaning feeling my pussy grow she did...her hand running down in my short finding my smooth shaven pussy...wet with pussy juices as she unbuttons my shorts...jerking them off my hips as she pushes me back into the chair i sit on the edge of the chair and spread my thighs open she laps and sucks my lips of my pussy ...fingering my tight hole as i moan....then wrapping her lips on my swollen clit as she sucked it in her warm mouth fingering my pussy with 2 fingers...fucking i moan and arch my back and cum so hard....flooding her mouth as she laps at my pussy...finger fucking me she licks me...i cum again ...flooding she leans up kissing my lips as i kiss and taste my wonderful juices on her lips....i take my tongue to her small tits and suck the nipples eagerly as i grind my hips into her pussy...rubbing out cunts together as i drop down taking my tongue brushing up into her clit..licking against it she moans tasting her juices as i bury my face into her pussy probing deep into the pussy...tasting her.....moaning low in my i find the small clit and suck it as my fingers work inside her pussy.....fucking her 3 fingers in deep hearing the wetten sounds as i suck harder as she screams cumming filling my mouth and chin with her cum juices as i lap at her pussy and we kiss deep enable to think of doing anything else we leave the mall....and go back to her place and enjoy a evening of oral pleasure....followed by alittle strap on fun for each other...deciding we were perfect for each other's needs..she held me tightly to her in the bed as she whispered..ya ready for more? -w-

sailinskier 57M
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6/7/2006 1:39 pm

Oh Greneyedbeauty, my heart is racing! I've never been one to intrude on "females only" time, but you make it very difficult not to wish I had joined you at her place. I delight in giving oral pleasure until you can't walk... My compliments on the story, whether true or only dreamed of.

rm_kyguy19642 54M
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7/23/2006 4:39 pm

That was a great story. I hope it was real.

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