a fantasy...2 Men and myself  

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6/5/2006 4:18 pm

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6/8/2006 11:46 am

a fantasy...2 Men and myself

i've often thought of this many times..planned it...fantasized over it while i play at times...

let me set up the scene...we've(Jeff,Bob and me) been sitting,laughing...talking about things as we three sip wine ,i notice both Men's eyes taking in my curves and body in as i spoke..my green eyes shining as i catch myself when one would speak looking down to his crotch...almost being able to see the cock its form..wanting so badly to reach over and rub it against my palm-resisting as i wiggled and squirmed more....looking at both Men..smiling...i think its time we went back into my bedroom and got more comfortable....i stood up Jeff...grabbed my arm and said not so fasts as He pressed his lips into mine....caressing my ass with his hands as he grind into me feeling his hard cock press into me..as i moaned simply....i felt Bob's hands reach from behind caressing squeezing my tits as He pressed in closer i could feel his hard cock on my ass cheek..Jeff's lips left mine as he kissed and sucked my skin on my neck as i turned my head to Bob...He kissed me forceful...breaking His kiss i feel my clothes leaving my body..being torn from my body leaving me in front of them nude....as i watch them both view my heavy round tits as my nipples grow hard from the coolness ...Jeff using His right hand pushing my legs apart as i feel Him bury his mouth into my smoothed lipped pussy..gasping out as i feel the rush of his warm mouth to my pussy latching on to the clit sucking it as 2 fingers slip inside my pussy as Bob kisses my lips to quieten me....as His mouth trails down to my nipples pulling....sucking each one pulling hard..as i groan unable to resists anymore as i scream out ooohh god i am cum-ming feeling my pussy release my warm sweet juices on Jeff's mouth as Bob tortures my nipples pinching them hard as i yell and arch my back......jerking when the sweet sensation leaves me as i feel His mouth lapping over my pussy as He raises up kissing my lips tasting myself on His lips ..lapping trying to get all the juices off....as Bob takes my hand leading me down on the couch,straddling Him and His thick 8inch cock probing up inside my pussy lips as He slowly forces me down grabbing my hips ...until His cock is deep inside me feeling it stretch my hole....filling me completely...Him whispering in my ear...."ride me slut...thrusting my hips back and forth on His cock feeling my pussy grow wet-tier as the thickness slips in and out....rubbing it on my gs-pot as i moan louder as He smiles and watches my tits bounce as i thrusts ,bouncing on His thickness,He pulled me up tightly up against him as Jeff stood at the back of the cock...His thick cock pressing it to my lips...as i smiled...opening my mouth wide as He pressed it inside me...pumping His cock using my mouth as i pressed down my lips into His shaft milking Him as Bob grabbed my hips..as He forced me down on His thrusting upward feeling His go so deep as i moaned loud on Jeff's cock unable to hear my pleads as He fucked me deep and hard as Jeff pumped His cock in mouth...as i felt a sting and the sound of a slap on my ass as Bob slapped it...repeatedly....as Jeff slowed down pumping my mouth..my lips and jaws aching now....as Bob slows down ...forcing me down on His cock......as He pulls me down leaving the couch to the carpet as i am on top of Him...Him laying down...Him telling me..now get more on Your knees which i do -His cock still inside me as i feel Jeff...smear...a wet liquid on my ass..pushing it inside as i breath in deeper as Bob thrusts up in me ...Jeff slowly..presses His cock into my tight ass...as i scream out ooohh god fuck no slower....He tells me to inch back on it slowly..as i do Bob's cock pumping into me feeling as it slips up and down on my g spot as i relax my pussy growing wet tier as i push back on the thick head feeling as the cock stretches my tight asshole as tears fill my eyes as both now deep inside both holes as i feel Bob's cock slamming into my gs-pot as i moan out yelling as i cum...pouring a wet sticky sweetness on His cock as both cock ram into me..feeling them the pleasure they both fulfill in me as Bob growls and i know He is cum-ming as I feel Jeff slow down as He's breath deepens feeling the warm cum fill both on my holes....as i shake com-ming off my orgasmic high...as Jeff falls into me....Bob smiling at me...as I feel both cock still inside me..as i squeeze down....ah what heaven

kandvinnc 61M/61F
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6/6/2006 12:47 pm

Damm,wish my name was Bob or Jeff!

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