Oh ... by the way ...  

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9/30/2005 5:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Oh ... by the way ...

Now this is obviously a SEX site.

At least that's the way they market it - "Find a Hot Sex Partner NOW."

Now those of us guys who have half a lick of sense and are the least bit perceptive learn very quickly that we are NOT going to find a quick piece of ass on here most of the time.

And hey, that's natural. I DO believe most of the time you need to get to know someone, earn respect and be friends to be a "fuck buddy."

But I do think most guys use this site for what it's meant for - at least the way AdultFriendFinder markets itself. Face it. Most of us on here are looking for sex with no strings attached. If I want a "relationship" I'll go to Match.com. lol

(Of course funny thing is - I've gotten more pussy off of match.com then this "sex and swingers" site. lol

But while I believe women's purposes for being on this site are to be respected I find things on here that make me bust a gut laughing.

For example girls - or guys ; ) - can someone please tell me WHY a woman posts a picture of her bare pussy with her legs spread wide for all the world to see and THEN when you contact her with an invitation to get together she writes back and says: "Oh, I'm looking for a real RELATIONSHIP - not just sex!" lol

Again, people have a right to be here for whatever reasons and yeah, yeah, I know men are more "visual" than women but I think if I was a woman looking for a "relationship" I'd put up a photo of me in a nice lacy dress with a Peter Pan collar on Match.com or hey - even eharmony than to put a picture of my legs spread to show my hairy pussy in brazen invitation and then act all virtuous and indignant when a guy naturally thinks you're creaming your panties looking for a quick fuck tonight.

Ah well, some things don't make sense. I guess that's what makes life interesting. ; )

slightly_sexy8 39F
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9/30/2005 1:48 pm

no offense but i hardly think that post is going to endear you to many woman. i might be stupid but i can read.

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9/30/2005 5:09 pm

I find it rather amusing that you grouse about what I have to say but you can't answer the question because I believe you realize the absurdity and inconsistency.

Why do women show pictures of their pussy in brazen open-legged invitation and THEN act indignant and virtuous when a guy rightly assumes she wants sex?

Care to come back, step up to the plate and try and answer it instead of just simply getting mad because you don't like the truth of what is said?

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10/3/2005 3:16 am

Mzhunyhole, thanks for the comment.

Yes, you are right. Remember, men are more "visual." lol

Your profile is a perfect example of a woman being honest.

Now remember, I said I DO believe that even with "no strings" attached sex there must be some mental and emotional connection.

But hey - if it is there, why not be honest about it and do it?

I STILL say it is absurd for women to paste pussy shots and such all over their ads and act indignant when guys respond who are looking for sex.

I'm not sure why that concept is so hard for certain people to grasp.

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