Oh, damn...  

graywalker 45M
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4/6/2006 7:28 am
Oh, damn...

Hey!! If you are a woman, looking for a good time and good sex with someone who can be a good friend, look me up!

I am looking for lots of friends with Lots of benefits.

I am someone that lots of women are very very comfortable with - many tell me that they are more comfortable with me than with anyone they know - even after just a few hours of knowing me.

Its been said that I am smooth and suave and can lure any woman in with my charms. To which I reply - I wish someone would tell me what I'm doing so I can repeate it consciously!! I wasn't doing anything, just being me! What 'worked?' I don't know!! I wasn't trying to 'catch' anyone or 'seduce' anyone!! Someone tell me what I did that was so smooth!!!

I tell People I'm smooth - like 40 grit sandpaper. I can Mac... well, I can eat a big mac...

What I'm saying is I'm just me. Some women love it. Give me a chance and find out if you do too.
If nothing else, you'll have a Great friend in the end.

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