March 27th (My day today)  

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3/27/2006 7:58 pm

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March 27th (My day today)

Today, was not too bad. Of course I worked all day. It was very slow and I only made 40 dollars for both shifts. I am off for the next couple of days and I look forward to it. I have a lot of things to do tomorrow. I need to make a Doctor appointment for my leg. I developed a bloodclot in 1989 and have dealt with it by taking blood thinner ever since. I have to monitor my blood level regularly. When I came home tonight I got a letter from Citibank about my student loan saying I needed immigration papers, lol. I am a US Citizen. I called them and they said that was already fixed. I guess it was a glitch in their system. It looks as if I am all set to return to the University of Phoenix Online on April 15th. I am so excited! I have been out of school since May when I took off supposibly for a few months to work more and make some money.

The lady I was having a problem with at work was very nice to me today. I in turn tried to help her every chance I got. I really need to be on good terms with her since I found out yesterday that she is a manager. She is also the bartender and being a server, I really need my bartender to be on my side. I heard from a co-worker that there were a few people who don't like me and are waiting for me to mess up. I made a mistake on my second day by telling the owner that I paid someone to do my sidework. Apparently everyone was doing it, but the owner didn't approve. Now they have to do their sidework and they blame me. I told them I was sorry and that I didn't know, but some people just can't forgive me. I would have never had told him if I would have known that he didn't know about it.

I really like my job and have the potential to make between 600 and 1000 per week. I will just keep showing up one day at a time and do my best. On the relationship side, I am still looking for that special someone to spend my life with. I sure hope God hurries and finds me someone as I am a sex addict as well. I really would like to just find someone and spend the rest of my life with her. Anyhow, I guess she will come when God thinks I am ready. I would also like to say that I am proud of myself for losing lots of weight. I was up to 230 pounds when I relapsed. I went down to 175 in about 4 months thanks to drugs. When I went to detox I gained 18 pounds in 7 days and was up to 193. Since I have came home, I have lost 10 pounds and now weigh 183 and I have not used drugs to lose it. I have found that drinking lots of water and not eating at night has helped along with all the running around at work.

I am such a flirt. I was at work today flirting with one of my co-workers and I told her that I was long, lol. I moved back about 10 feet and said I could reach her with my dick from that far away, lol. She laughed and said that she would have to stay away from me then, lol. I am planning on getting a Web cam tomorrow, and I will take some more pictures of myself and share it with who ever is following my blogs. It's great to share current photos with others. I also love this blog stuff. It helps me write about what is going on in my life. I had a good day and hope to have a great day on my day off tomorrow. I will post another tomorrow night, but for now see you all later and may God bless all that follow my life! Don't wear a mask, be yourself! David

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