I am tired of doing it myself  

gradywhite55 63M
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10/18/2005 3:34 pm

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4/27/2006 7:00 pm

I am tired of doing it myself

I married a good catholic girl years ago and I'm still in love with her. Sex at first was great I thought till one night I heard "You want me to put your what in my mouth?"

We are now in our 50's and sex is almost a thing of the past. She is still beautiful but her health almost prohibits intamacy.

Damn I miss the feeling of a hot sweaty body entangled with mine. The forplay, the tingly feeling of someone rubbing their hands and mouth all over your body and the dreamy far-away look on the face of your lover as you carress, kiss, lick and suckle the most tender and intamit parts of their body. The thick musky smell of arousal, the heat and wetness of abandon and the exausting shudder of final release.

Is it so bad to want to be fulfilled again? I'm tired of having to do it myself !


CCcouple25m27f 37M/37F  
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10/18/2005 11:56 pm

This brings some questions to surface.... the main one being
Does your wife know about your profile and what you are looking for?

If the answer is no, alot of folks will decline to meet with and interact with you. There is no room for secrecy in a marriage, whether its sexually active or not.

Some ladies who play with men and later find out the man was married feel like they are helping him to cheat. And heaven forbid the wife finds out and confronts the lady who played. Just be sure you got the bases covered.


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