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2/8/2006 9:59 am

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My Happy Place

If you were to spot me in the course of your day to day activities, you may see me with a blank stare and a smile on my face. You may wonder is he alright? Should we do something? No, my friend, I have simply entered my happy place. A place I call Bizzaro world. Sometimes I go there while standing in line or sitting in a waiting room. Sometimes I go there when the restaurant is taking a while for the food to arrive. It may be a minute or two. Or it may be several minutes. Sometimes, when I'm home alone,or away in a hotel room alone,I can stay there for quite sometime,hours maybe.

Come with me,I'll take you there,I'll give you a little peek.Yes,for the first time ever.I'm am having open house in Bizzaro world.This is a limited tour, there are some thing off limits.I'll have to ask you to stay with the group, there can be no,wandering off on your own. Strange things happen in Bizzaro world,not everyone will like it here. No, I'm not King or anything, in fact I'm just another guy, like you.Trying to get by,to make my way though life. Nothing special about me, I'm not rich,I don't drive a fancy car,or have a beautiful wife to come home to. Nonetheless, I am very happy there.

For starters, their are no wars in Bizzaro world. No world hunger No poverty and No homeless. Drugs are not aloud even alcohol is not permitted. If you have a religion, you may bring that with you. However, you will be asked to keep it to yourselves. Your God is your business,you are not aloud to peddle your God or any of his ideas, or you will be ask to leave. You, cannot ridicule, make fun of or mock anyone else's God or you will ask to leave. If you don't have a God you are welcome to.OK, I am hearing some of you whispering among yourselves. Which, by the way, I will ask you not to, I can hear all of you.
This next bit is off limits, but we can cut through, mine your step it's kind of dark. You won't see anything in there, you can stare all you like.
I can see the look on your faces, as we arrive, at the next stop.You have notice that there is no equal rights for everyone.That's right my friend,women, of all races rule in Bizzaro world. Men have no say in anything, we are not slaves either.We men, like it this way. There's a lot more to see in this section, but we have to move on.I have a lot more to cover.

We are going to cut through this hospital because their are a few things I like you to see. Yes, you heard right, that doctor did write out a prescription for Krispy Cream donut's.You see, that guy is overweight, he'll never take it off unless he can get enough calories daily. You see, he was probably already taking in 4000 calories a day. The good doctor was just giving him a booster to get him above the required 6000 if you need to lose weight, anyone knows that.And limit your intake of fruits and vegetables of course.

I'm sorry, this next section is closed as well. Some of you already saw a little too much.Yes , it was the department of sex. Yes, that sign you read was correct, women have a 10 times higher sex drive then men. No,the men are just as randy as ever, it is just that the women are ten times randier. The men are OK with that.

I'm very sorry folks, we have to terminate the tour. I'll have to leave you back where we came in. You see, we just had a big major medical discovery. I'm going to be busy, you see, scientist have just discovered that semen in large quantities will reverse aging in women.Well the women are the leaders, they probably put a lot of money into research.
Hope you enjoyed the tour, sorry I had to cut it short. Just remember next time you spot me standing in line, with that blank stare and a big smile. You can tell everyone,it's OK, he's fine, he'll be just fine. Thanks for listening

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2/8/2006 4:21 pm

Thanks for the tour

Purry {=}


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