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3/24/2006 1:01 am

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Wow, I can post my mood on here.....Went through and posted a mood for every post now......Fuck, and they're so descriptive, too. You can choose the word "impressed" as your mood, among many other ones...I wanna write something while I'm in an "impressed" mood. Wouldn't that be the fuckin neatest thing? Does "impressed" qualify as a mood?...Hokey bullshit on these blogs... Hell, the word "blog" is quite hokey in itself. It comes from someone's smashing idea to squish the word "web," as in World Wide Web, and the word "log," as in Captain's log or some shit, into a single scrunched up word that is now popularized as "blog." Hmmmph. Who woulda' ever guessed?

Captain's log...Star date 5579...Di-lithium crystals in the engine room have gunked up the hyper vents. Scotty plans to perform a hyper-enema on them today....Soon the hyper vents will be hyperventilated....

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