If you can't............just a reflection.  

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3/25/2005 12:23 am

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If you can't............just a reflection.

If you can't wear it out,
don't wake it up.

If you can't wake it up,
leave it alone.

If you can't leave it alone,
wake it up and wear it out.

By: Goodytymes

Sex is a reflection of one's true being,
in sex you find their end and beginning,
the satisfaction in the giving,
and the gratification of receiving.

While some only care what they might receive,
others care more how they are perceived,
some are searching only for lust,
many are looking for feelings and trust.

Stamina for some is very abundant,
for some ten minutes is rather redundant,
but both conditions have their place,
for some sex IS and IS NOT a race.

A pussy is to pleasure and is not to conquer,
a cock serves the need and is not to squander,
but don't forget the fingers and tongue,
for with pussy and cock the fun has just begun.

A woman has needs as does a man,
and both should be met as best as they can,
to serve each other's is a wonderful thing,
and to explore ever further is something called swing.

Swinging is the opportunity to share,
with other people those you do care,
for those who have love and both are secure,
swing is fun, fulfilling, and pure.

Some play separate and others together,
some like toys, handcuffs, and feathers,
it doesn't matter which flavor is desired,
there are a number of things required,

Trust, discretion, respect, and devotion,
will get you much farther than strawberry lotion,
feeding the needs of the one you are serving,
will reap the rewards that your are deserving.

So bear it in mind when you do play,
to be open and honest in that which you say,
and put first what others might want and need,
and to rules and limits always pay heed.

These truths of swinging if always held true,
will bring many pleasures for her and for you.

By: Goodytymes
Best wishes to all who partake,

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