Business Lunch  

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Business Lunch

As I'd promised, I called my sexy new architect friend the day after our first meeting. We kept the conversation on a business-like level, yet every compliment had a double intent. I suggested that we discuss our dealings over lunch.

"There's a nice place within walking distance of my office," she said. "Is one o'clock good for you?"

I was perfectly willing to adjust my schedule to hers, and the location was just a short cab-ride away, so a few hours later I walked in the restaurant door. She was already seated at a table for two, and smiled when she saw me. Unlike yesterday's business suit, today she was wearing a black dress. I leaned over her and gave her a quick kiss, then sat across from her. It wasn't what I would have preferred, but the layout didn't allow for us to sit closer.

"I know we have to conduct business," I said quietly, "but I don't want you to think I didn't appreciate what happened yesterday afternoon. It was wonderful. It was amazing."

She blushed slightly and whispered, "Oh, it was amazing. I haven't felt that good in years."

The waiter came over then with menus, and we gave our attention to them for the next few minutes. It was a nice selection, and after I'd decided on my order, I looked around at the d├ęcor. The layout was two-tiered in the back; the ceilings in front were high, and the walls were decorated in the faux-Southwest motif that's been so popular in New York restaurants all decade.

We’d both ordered light meals, and we talked through some general points of the new office as we ate. When we were done, and the waiter asked if we wanted dessert, she shook her head no and I took her cue and asked for the check, then gave him my company credit card.

After he'd gone off to process it, she leaned over again and conspiratorially murmured, "There's a neat feature here you should see before we leave."

"Sure. What?"

"It's upstairs. I'll show you after he brings your card back."

A minute later, my Visa safely returned to my wallet, I rose, and we walked to the back. As I followed her up the stairs, I admired her from behind. The black dress clung tightly to her curves, her hips swaying side to side with each step -- the epitome of ripe womanhood. It was all I could do to not reach my hands out right there and trace their contours, but I didn't want to embarrass her in public.

When we got to the top, I saw what she was talking about. The restrooms were there, each with a transparent door.

"That's odd," I stated. "Does anybody use them?"

"Sure. You have to see how they work." She took my hand and nearly dragged me back to one farthest from the stairs. We stepped into it, closed the door, and it became opaque.

"Cool," I blurted. I opened it again, it became clear. I closed it very slowly, and it stayed clear until I moved. Motion detector, obviously.

"What do you think?" she asked.

I turned and faced her. "I think that nobody can see us now." Our arms wrapped around each other simultaneously, and a small sigh escaped from her. I bent my head down, and she responded passionately, her lips soft but urgent. We held each other tight as our mouths opened wider and our tongues met wetly. As we lingered in this intense kiss, my hands finally found their way to the glorious ass that had so tempted me a short while ago.

Our bodies were pressed together as tightly as our mouths, my arms wrapped around her and her hands now cupping my ass too. I could feel my erection quickly sprout, pointing up and to the left along my thigh. I wondered if she could feel its warmth through my pants. I was sure she could tell it was hard. She ground against me and it got even harder.

"Fuck me," she whispered ardently. "Fuck me right here." I wasted no time, shucking off my pants and briefs simultaneously to reveal my eager stiffness. She in turn unzipped her dress and let it slide down to the floor. I reached out and hooked my fingers in the elastic of her panties and slid them down her thighs, past her knees, and to the floor. Reaching down, I knelt to help her step out of them and found my nose between her thighs.

Leaning her hands lightly on my shoulders, she lifted one foot and then the other as I whisked her clothes to the side. Then I slid my hands back up her soft, smooth legs to cup her to my mouth as my tongue tenderly licked between her hairs and found her wetness. Her hands locked onto my head as I drew her sensitive clit between my moist lips and gently sucked.

As she bent her knees and pushed against my face, I slid one hand between her legs and rubbed my fingers against the entrance of her pussy. It parted easily, and I slipped my first two fingers into her. As she gasped, I moved them in and out, gliding easily. When they were lubricated up to the top knuckles, I pushed them deep into her, my fingertips on either side of her cervix.

Soon, her inner muscles clenched my fingers and spasmed in waves. As she reached orgasm, I held my fingers still and rigid inside her as I licked her clit sloppily. "Oh god!" The exclamation seemed squeezed tensely through her teeth. Gradually she relaxed against me. I slowly withdrew my fingers and brought them to my mouth, lasciviously licking her juices from them.

“Maybe you could sit on the toilet,” she suggested. I followed her instruction, my hard cock standing straight up. Straddling my outstretched legs, she positioned herself over my erection, which I held taut for her with one hand. Squatting so that her warm labia touched the tip of my cock, she held herself there as I rubbed up and down her lubricated slit.

Slowly she lowered her weight onto me, forcing me into her. Eventually my whole length was inside her moist channel, and for a moment we sat still, savoring the sensations. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra and shrugged it off. My hands rose in unison to cup a warm globe in each palm. Soft but hefty, they filled my hands in a most satisfying way. As I rotated my wrists slightly, as if polishing her, I felt her nipples stiffen and poke into my palms.

“Don’t you want to taste them too?” she whispered.

“Mmmm,” I answered fervently, if less than articulately. This was no time for clever, witty remarks. Plus, my mouth was full as I sucked first one nipple, then the other, finally pushing her breasts together so the nipples touched and I could suck them both at the same time.

“Mmmm!” she half-grunted, mirrored my enthusiasm, and began to move her crotch slowly against mine. Swathed in her sweet juices, my cock reached far back inside her, bumping against her cervix where my fingers had been mere minutes earlier. Her ass resting on my thighs, she gyrated in a steady rhythm as my cock in her pussy and my mouth on her nipples combined in amplified sensations.

My hands, still pushing her breasts together, squeezed and kneaded. Her motions became faster and faster, to the point where I could no longer keep her nipples in my mouth in that awkward position, and I instead held her to my chest and gripped her hips with my hands, pulling her harder against me. I could feel her breasts squashed against me, her stiff nipples slightly indenting my skin.

She’d said she wanted me to fuck her, but she was definitely fucking me. Whatever she asked for, I’d give her; she was using my cock to fulfill an urgent need and I was glad to be used that way. In a frenzy of grunts and sweaty sliding of skin against skin, her arms wrapped around my back and her head on my shoulder and her gasps in my ear, she came for the second time. The sensations of her pussy squeezing and surrounding my cock were exquisite.

After her spasms had subsided, I whispered, "Stand up." She did so, slowly, my erection easing out of her. Then I stood too and moved behind her. Without a word, she bent over and my slick cock pushed back into her from a new angle. I didn't even have to pump in and out; I just held myself inside her and pushed slightly, then relaxed; pushed, relaxed. That alone moved me inside her, and I was able to reach around her torso and cup her dangling breasts in my hands. Her nipples poked between my fingers, and soon I had each between my fingers and thumbs, twisting and massaging them.

She began pushing herself back against me, and I pumped into her to meet her on each stroke and drive my cock to maximum depth. Finally I clamped my hands on either side of her ass and pounded into her. I was on the brink of coming, and we could both feel that. I was further turned on by watching her breasts bounce wildly each time I slammed into her. The slow slap-slap-slap of my thighs meeting her ass picked up speed, and I felt the come swell inside me, about to burst.

I quickly pulled out and rested my cock above her ass. Two more dry pumps and suddenly the come spurted from me in intense yet soothing relief, arcing through the air and landing on her back. With a groan, she pressed her legs together and came one more time, her body tensing

"Oh god, that was unbelievable," she gasped. She straightened up and turned around, and we kissed once more, a kiss of finality and accomplishment. I ripped some paper from the roll and cleaned her off, and we pulled our clothes back on.

"Look at the time," she said. It had been a long lunch, but fortunately business lunches are expected to be.

I stuck my head out the door. Nobody was around, so I beckoned to her and we exited guiltily. The restaurant was nearly empty of customers, and the help was clustered at the back and paid no attention as we walked out into the sunshine.

As we stood on the sidewalk, looking at each other with smiles of satisfaction on our faces, I asked her, "Will we ever be able to lie down and take our time?"

"Maybe. It won't be easy, but we'll figure something out."

"I hope so. Something to daydream about," I said, and smiled again. With a quick kiss, we were on our way to our separate offices, where we would work distractedly the rest of the day, constantly interrupted by fresh memories of our afternoon interlude.

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