Is our Government away with the fairies??????????  

goodie693 53M
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6/14/2006 1:32 am

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8/21/2006 8:20 am

Is our Government away with the fairies??????????

I can`t believe this lot,its cock up after cock up,and i think its going to get even worse.What idiot makes these laws? if some sicko a small child and gets life,then they should serve life,not just a few years,putting it in perspective,they have destroyed a whole family and that childs life.This country is so bloody crap its unreal,the Yanks have got it right,death sentence,but no fucking around with this deaht row bollocks,whats all that about.Yup i rekon we should kill them,save some taxpayers money,which our lot seem to sqander without thought,isnt it a shame we are unable to get this lot of pisstaking,corrupt freeloaders out with a vote of no confidence!!!! Up the revolution,power to the people!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodie

Optiskeptic 70M
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6/14/2006 2:39 am

I wish it was, then they'd leave us in peace. Perhaps more realistically we don't have a government, just a bunch of people who sit behind armoured doors reading focus group reports and the PR blasts from some very skilled organisations who want to restrict every last freedom we have remaining.

Even more worrying is the anger you so honestly express. If this is about the guy who a three month (MONTH!!!) old baby while babysitting with his 19 year old girlfriend then you are one of what I hope is the majority of wildly concerned parents.

I can't go along with you on the killing him thing. Kill him and he's gone, but there are many others like him and their number increases every day. We have to find a way to restore sanity but my experience of revolutions is that they all start with righteous indignation colliding with governmental stupidity. Then the spin doctors and minipulators get involved and before you know it the original problem is ten times worse and the rest of us have lost what few freedoms we had previously.

The real evil here is in our politicians and judges and lawyers and the pseudo-liberals who put the rights of the perpetrator before the rights of the victim. I have no easy solution, but I'm sure killing, castration or social workers is NOT the answer.

Just ask yourself: if by some awful chance that baby had been a Blair, what do you think would have happened?

imLadyBambi 59M/51F

6/14/2006 2:41 am

I loved it! If I were from the UK (I'm guessing from your selection of words) I'd vote for you!

Lady Bambi

too_dirty_for_u 51F

6/14/2006 5:53 am

Good post hun, I too was incensed by this unbelievable news story.

Scum like Sweeney should be humiliated in public!
No torture implement is too extreme for him in my opinion.
a grown woman is bad enough, but subjecting a 3 yr old child to that kind of abuse is too low for words.

The legal system has always been a joke, but at least in this case the Home Secretary & Attorney General have stepped in to try to prevent any loophole granting Sweeney an early release/parole.

But unfortunately, as Optiskeptic says, there are no easy answers to a subject as emotive as this.

But who knows, some other nutter might sort him out when he's inside! Even the real nutters in prison for violent crimes know when they're in the presense of real evil. He deserves everything he gets.


mundarikos 41M
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6/15/2006 6:26 am

hmmmm.. interesting post, but, there are some things i would like to take issue with...
firstly, the death penalty. the legal system is not perfect and does occasionally make mistakes so the death penalty is best left in the states. plus, is it right for the state to kill under any circumstances? how can it say you may not kill, even if its morally justified whilst perform the act of murder itself.
too dirty for you specualtes that perhaps this person will be sorted out in prison but, it wont happen as sex offenders are protected in prison with their own wings and excercise yards or times... its very rare that a sex offender will be put into the general population, on those few occasions that it happens the prisoner commiting the act is inviting very seriously penalties for taking the law into his own hands.
the 53 lifers that were released after short spells, were, i believe "3 strikes" prisoners who start their life sentences in a lower category prisons as they are deemed to be lower risks. any true life sentence prisoner will serve at least 10 years in prison whilst he progresses from remand to category A then B, C and finally D category, thats assuming he does everything right and never makes a mistake, admits his crime from the beginning and never fails an assessment... I know for some crimes this may not seem like a lot but its an eternity if youre the one whos doing it...
finally, i believe one thing you said to be true, where the crime is against children or the vulnerable and death or is involved and forensic evidence is completely, overwhelmingly indisputable, life should mean life.

goodie693 53M
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6/16/2006 1:00 am

Hey thanks for your views,Opt i understand what you say mate,thanks bambi,but my mate David Cameron will do a better job than me(hopefully),Dirty,(great body by the way)thanks gorgus,and Mun,i realy think that if you take a life you should give a life,depending on motive of course,and babies or children should also carry the death penalty,there is no excuse.The death penalty should only apply of course so long as you have beyond all reasonable doubt. goodie

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