The Woman Next Door ( Can't Get Her Off My Mind)  

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7/28/2006 1:56 pm

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The Woman Next Door ( Can't Get Her Off My Mind)

She was beautiful as a spring flower blossoming on a cool breezy spring day. I long to know her every move, her every thought. I basically wanted to become apart of her. She was the reason I set my alarm clock for 5:00am every morning when I didn't have to leave for work until 10:00. She was the reason that upon my return home from work I would sit out on the porch until she would come home for the day. Totally fascinated by this adorable female creature every move my only wish was to make passionate love to her which would end in hot sweaty hardcore sex. Well little did I know my little love icon had a plan of her own. It was a very gloomy afternoon, slightly raining just enough to keep the ground wet and put you in a romantic mood. Well I had just got out of the shower went into me den grab the remote and was ready to relax and watch a movie. When to my surprise the door bell ring. So I got up went to the door and again surprise at who was there, I open the door and there she stood, The woman from next door. Standing there in front of me as I stare at her from her head to her beautiful feet.....THE IMAGE WAS PRICELESS. Aren't you gonna invite me in she said, yes sure I'am sorry I replied. So Then I ask her if she would like something to eat or drink no thank you she replied. So sitting with her back up against the arm rest of the sofa, now we are just sitting staring at each other. Well now I can feel my pulse as well as my breathing rapidly increasing anticipating what was gonna happen next. Now staring at her removing that skimpy mini sundress she was wearing with my eyes and imagination, she then stretch her beautiful long healthy legs across the sofa, running her fingers through her beautiful long hair and looking me straight in the eyes and suddenlly saids I forgot my panties at home(sorry). So I smile and assure her that its perfectly ok don't worry about it. But I then said to her(can I ask u something), she said yes. Well not that I'm complaining but what brought you over today. She then look at me and said I hate to be home along in the rain, and I hope you don't mine....oh no I replied I don't mine at all. So now she stands up walks over to me pulls the handle all the way up on the recliner which will let it all the way back, and then she climb up on top with her beautiful shave pussy directly over face. She then grab the back of my head and position her pussy right over my face and lower her self down onto me. At this time she started slowly grinding my face and the smell of her sweet hunny hole had me totally intoxicated with lust. Now her motions are starting to get stronger,faster and more intense. The grip she had on the back of my head became more firm as if she was holding on for her life. Her breathing is getting deeper, her moans were soft but clear as she was escalating to one of the most intensified orgasms I had ever witness ant woman having. And all of a sudden reality came down she is totally out of control, grinding rocking back and forward as if she was on my cock....I mean totally drove me insane to were I wanted to jump out of my window(lol). Her orgasm was so strong and intense, that with only a few strokes of my cock I had a very intense orgasm my self. Now totally drain but still full of enough back energy to process what just happen in all about 20 mins was even more exciting to think about. Climbing down from off my now glaze face the woman from next door who basically just came into my home and totally took what she wanted or should I say give me what I had wanted for a long time ever since the first day I saw her, was now staring me straight in the eyes as she was sitting on my cum soak lap(lol). She lean forward kiss me with so much passion and lust that my cock was coming back to life FAST and I was regaining total excitement again when all of a sudden she said, hey thanks for the ride but I gotta run bye. I was like wait ....WHAT thanks for the ride, you're leaving she look at me and said yeah it stop raining the skys are blue again and I have some errands to run. Bye thanks again, close the door and off she went. Now I'm totally confuse and lost as well to what just happen......but all I know is I hope it rains tomorrow..

The Goodfriend

eatme4fun3 56F
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7/28/2006 2:58 pm

You've got a beautiful dick wish it was crammed into me

goodfriend985 replies on 7/28/2006 5:00 pm:
well(eatme4fun3)....I know I haven't seen that beautiful love pie of yours darling, but please believe me when I say......I wouldn't be eating you for would definitely be business because when its comes to eating some good pussy, mama...I'm all business(lol). Take care darling and please stop by again.


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