i'm hoping that i'm doing this right?  

goninnuttzz 47M
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7/16/2006 10:34 pm

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7/20/2006 12:40 am

i'm hoping that i'm doing this right?

let see, i've never writin a blog before,hell for that matter even know what one is.(lol)so if theres anyone out there that can help me,please do so.i'm new to this stuff,so i'm open to any and all suggestion.thanks so much to all that take the time to help..


7/17/2006 5:37 pm

I just started blogging a short time ago and really it's all about writing anything that you want other people to know about you. Or, if you write poetry, stories, or anything and you want to share those this is a good place for it. Actually I read the blogs more than I write but it's all good. Browse around, there is a lot of good stuff here. So far you're on the right track, you started a blog and your post is showing up so a good start for sure lol.

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