Lesbians, Gentlemen's biggest frustration  

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3/8/2006 8:27 am

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3/9/2006 8:30 am

Lesbians, Gentlemen's biggest frustration

Last time, I came across the profile of a wonderful girl. She was the most beautiful girl I ever saw on this site.
She was cute as can be, an angel face, the best body I had ever seen, wearing nice jewellery, ankle braces ( it just turn me wild) toe rings (this one also), I was totally devoted to get to know her, I would have driven 1000 km or more just to spent some time with her.
I was even ready to fall in love and maybe make sacrifices I would have never consider before.
Let’s say, she was almost the women of my life.
So, I sent her an email asking to get in touch. I was so excited; I checked my emails every ten minutes for three days waiting for her answer. I was already briefing myself on what could I tell her and what absolutely not to say.

She did reply telling me she was lesbian and she was not considering male application…

What did male kind do to you so you get disgusted of men like that?
I know you might have met some jerks, or had a painful relationship previously with a guy, but we are not all alike ( I hope so).
I also know that you might prefer the women kind, and I must admit that a beautiful women body is the most wonderful creation of god, and thanks to sex toys, they sell cocks without the hassle of the male, but I still believe that you would appreciate sometime the company of a gentleman.
There are around nice men, kind, and sweet, wanting to make you happy, to comfort you, to please you, to be your hero or to be led by you.
To my point of view you would be perfectly right to enjoy both sex, and I bet some lesbian would appreciate you to.
Let me tell you that be turned on by a girl who tuned to be 100% lesbian is the biggest frustration I ever felt (the opposite for lesbians might be also true). Knowing that whatever we do to raise our self to your level, to get a chance to be seen by you, you will never even think about pay a fraction of second of attention to us is an awful idea, especially when we are willing to give you the best of us, to be your charming prince.

So please, Ladies, give us a chance; some of us are really charming princes.

So please, Ladies, I beg you, could you please consider being bi-sexual, and not 100% lesbian.

For all the gentlemen, I thank you.

Love you always


unreal2069 50M

3/9/2006 1:31 am

blame it on Mtv crap making it the norm

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