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5/21/2006 1:33 pm

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Nursing a very serious hangover today. Went on a Poker run yesterday,benefit for a cancer victim, For those that don't know what a poker run is you start at a certain point usually a bar get a card sealed in a envelope then travel usually by bike to 4 other places those to usually bars. Well A female friend went with me have know her for many years and have always been just friends, funny because I date her daughter on occasion but am really mostly just friends with her,mostly, anyway after the run they had a party at the local American Legion you know bands, door prizes, chinese auction lots of people. While there Kat was getting "very" friendly and came right out and told me she wanted to have sex with me, now we have been friends for a long time and never even had a discussion like this before and I told her "no" as I was afraid it would mess up our friendship not to mention the one I have with her daughter,Picturing this sex with mother sex with daughter ,,mother daughter sex,, oh the possibilities, but knowing them both so well yea Kat could probable deal with it very well and she is a very nice looking woman, but the daughter no she wouldn't deal with it at all of that I'm sure. pass up what I know would be great sex for friendship I'll do it every time. Now as the evening wore on and I became a lot drunker,took the bike home long before this by the way, she started putting the ol sexual tension pressure on me,I slipped out and went to a different place, shes a little mad at me today but said it was ok and i probable did the right thing,Whoo sometimes I do think with the right head, not often but sometimes. Now this is where the evening got even stranger I ran into a young lady, very young, like 23 young who I know as she bar tends in a local place of which I happen to be a board member, now we have always been friendly you know like flirting back and forth well I end up giving her a ride home as her friend left her there I guess on porpoise maybe?? but she invited me in to see her "puppy" yep it was a real puppy to ha ha, ended up staying for a while like til 4 am, now I feel kind of bad, stupid head anyway, slap slap, why do we do these things anyway I know I was pretty drunk and so was she but she's looking for a relationship ,told me that, I am not,told her that, Good god I could be in so much trouble for this.I need a vacation. Thanks for listening I have to go for a jeep ride now and clear my head,rainy and crappy out today might have something to do with my mood,shes working tonight too and I'll probable go see her, see what she says. Oh lordy I can really complicate my life sometimes. HELP ME MISTER WIZARD!!!

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5/21/2006 2:16 pm

I thought she may have asked if you wanted to see her kitty

Purry {=}


goldinboy2 replies on 5/22/2006 3:42 am:
cough hack hack damn hair balls anyway.

pet_humility 50F

5/22/2006 6:31 am

Want to see my puppy...I guess that line really does work..

goldinboy2 61M

5/22/2006 1:10 pm

Ahem lets make that plural, Puppy's, I love puppy's, and you got some nice ones.

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