Lost in NYC  

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1/24/2006 10:01 pm

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Lost in NYC

Ok I made it back got a little to drunk ,missed the bus, luckily my buddys wouldn't let the driver leave with out me but he and some of the other riders wern't to happy with me.Was at a place called Hogs and Heiffers this old biker bar somewere near the docks is all I remember chicks dancin on the bar was a good time had by all. Bike show was ok wasn't impressed that there wern' a lot more of the big builders there just a huge croud around Orange county choppers, I don't really like them either to commmercilized, can' stand watching a father and son fight with each other the way they do, even if it is just a tv thing. Any way I got a good joke while I was there.
Aguy is hanging out at a bar in Newark when he spots this fabulous babe walking in on the arm of some ugly sshlep. He asks the bartender about her and is suprised to discover that shes a hooker. The next night he goes back in and she shows up alone, so he gets up the nerve and approaches her. "Is it true you are a prostitute?"
"Why sure big boy What can I do for you?"
"Well how much do you charge"
"I get a $100 for a handjob."
$100 for a hand job are you nuts"
"You see that Ferrari out there I paid cash for it with the money I made from hand jobs, trust me its worth it"
He thinks about it and decides what the hell and gets the most unbelievable experience hes ever had. This hand job was better than any complete sexual experience in his miserable life.
The next night hes back at the bar and when she shows up he approaches her again.
"Last night was incredible!"
"of course it was Just wait til you try one of my blow jobs.."
"How much"
"What thats ridiculous!"
"You see that apartment building across the street I paid cash for it with my blowjobs Trust me its worth it."
So he leaves with her and once again hes not disappointed. The next night he can hardly wait and when she shows up he says "I'm hooked youre the best Tell me how much for some pussy"
She motions for him to follow her outside. She points down the street, where between the buildings he can see Manhattan.
"You see that Island?"
"Aw, cmon You can't mean that!"
She nods her head "You bet. If I had a pussy, I'd own Manhattan!"

Whuooo thats a lot of typing for me later

MaggiesWishes 61F

1/24/2006 11:27 pm

That was funny cute! Thanks for the laugh.
Never saw a NY'er make light of his own island.
warm wishes

goldinboy2 61M

1/25/2006 6:13 am

Well I'm not really a new yorker I was just there for the bike show and party. Big citys are fun to visit but they kind of freak me out.

dasher121 37M

1/26/2006 5:22 am

hahahaha that is too damn funny lol. great joke dude.

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