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2/8/2006 8:05 pm

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"What the fuck, Fuckin river came up frikin floors wet." I just woke up its dark out I mean real dark out, no power floors wet I can hear the water, its freakin splachin up against the house.Man I feel real dased, came home a little drunk passed out on the futon, now fuck. Candles close get one lit, looks like about 2 inches of water, Doge drinking it, stupid fuck. KC my cat is siting on the counter, looks pissed I'll leave her be for now. No power sucks fuckin dam up streamm must have broke, no warning. I go out onto the porch man wise everything look so fucked up ,like hazy, open the door. "You shit fuck who the fuck are you." Some dude was standing there and then he was gone frigin washed away. Just gone ..Fuck me sideways.. what the fuck. "And then I wake up. Let me tell you That was one freaky dream. I mean I was there so frickin real.
God I love livin on the river.

pet_humility 49F

2/9/2006 3:00 pm

Good god! Thank god dreams are dreams in this situation..

Smacks you for making me worry for a minute..LOL

goldinboy2 61M

2/9/2006 5:58 pm

Not to worry Darlin, I get a little freaky this time of year, This used to be just a summer place now I live here year round, and it floods almost every spring, then I have a house boat LOL.

goldinboy2 61M

2/10/2006 5:28 am

I would really prefer the "other" kind.

goldinboy2 61M

2/11/2006 12:58 pm

    Quoting sweetneeds2:
    For some reason I can hear CCR playing in my head!! Glad is was only a dream...I love the water...it lulls me to sleep...makes me think of home!!! ~Sweet~
One of my favorite bands.

papyrina 52F
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2/11/2006 3:31 pm

i won't be moving next door to you anytime soon with those dreams going on

I'm a

i'm here to stay

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

2/12/2006 12:13 pm

u sure it was the river and not your erm..... giggles

goldinboy2 61M

2/13/2006 5:57 am

Papy, I believe in dreams, quess I better keep my boots handy.
Silky, Pretty sure, Thanks for stoping

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