Good Morning.......  

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4/27/2006 12:14 am

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Good Morning.......

I awake to the feel of lips on my neck and a tightened grip around my body. The warm breath on my neck is comforting. With my eyes still closed a smile breaks across my face. He begins to run his finger tips across my body, starting at my knee running all the way to my shoulder. I can't help letting a little laugh escape my lips. I open my eyes as I role over, seeing him lying next to me, propped up on one arm smiling back at me. He gives alittle chuckle and plants a soft kiss on my lips. My body aches for him once again. My nipples are hard and erected, my pussy growing wet. I can feel his cock start to harden against me. I hug my leg around his waist as he leans into me during our kiss. The kiss grows more passionate. It's no longer soft, it turns into a hungry kiss. I want him and he wants me. Our tongues exploring each other's mouths, his hand rubs against my side following the curves of my body till it finds its way to my breast. He grabs them and squeezes them in his hand, thumbing my hard nipples. He breaks our kiss and turns his attention to my breasts. He begins to nibble and suck on them. It's driving me over the edge. My breathing gets heavier as moans escape my lips. He sucks on them harder and it drives me crazy, making me moan louder. He kisses and sucks his way down my stomache to my pussy. He kisses it, admiring its beauty. He licks my clit softly, teasing me. He inserts a finger into me. As he does that he begins to suck on my clit, sending waves through my body. He insterts another finger, curving them slightly as he pumps them in and out of me. My muscles tighten, my back arches, and I let out a scream as shock waves course through my body over and over again. He doesn't give up, licking and fingering me all the while, prolonging my orgasm. He slows his pace and calms me down giving me a chance to recover. Then he rubs his cock on my pussy. Rubbing it against my already sensitive clit. "Please, don't make me wait any longer. I want you inside of me.", I beg him. He enters just the tip of his cock inside me, moving it in and out slowly. He slides a little more in, barely quickening his thrusts. Inch by inch he slides into me until I have consumed all of him. He just sits there for a second, basking in the feel of the inner walls of my pussy tightly wrapped around his cock. It feels so good. He starts to slowly thrusts in and out of me, which each thrust he gains speed and strength. Feeling his cock now pounding in and out of me is sending multiple orgasms rippling through my body. We roll until I am on top of him. I begin to raise and lower myself onto him, forcing his cock inside me as deep as it will go. I claspse onto his hands for a little support. I began to rock my pelvis back and forth grinding it against him. He's close to an orgasm, I can feel the muscles in his body begin to tighten and his groans are growing more fierce. Then it happens, his cock begins to pulse inside me as I send him into an explosive orgasm. I can feel each pump of his cock as he cums inside of me. We sit there breathless, as I lay ontop of him with his cock still inside me. He wraps his strong arms around me, kisses me on the forehead and says, "Who needs coffee when I have you?"

Special thanks to Extasis_Zorro for the inspiration...


4/30/2006 11:47 am

WOW !! tHANK YOU!!fOR SHARING!!...\8 It was that good.

Play hard, play safe and play often!!!{=}

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