under the erotic moon  

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7/16/2006 3:16 am

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under the erotic moon

Midnight and the clock strikes upon the hour
Stirring my blood
I can feel the hunger
The craving inside
Wet and wanton
Between my legs
I cannot fight it
As the feeling cums alive
Inside of my soul
There is a brave new vixen
Just aching to be free
I am Erotic under the moon

Not so shy
When the full moon shines
I become so much more
Hungry and full of desire
I cannot hold her back
This temptress in my heart
Seducing and being seduced
Lusting for you
Under its enchanting glow
I long only to hold you forever as your
Erotic under the moon

Mistress of the night
Vamp of your wet dreams
Tonight I cum for you
In ways that you never knew could be
Even in your most naughty fantasys
Was I ever this kinky?
This willing to please?
Taking my hair down
I'm ready to have some fun with your cum my love
When tonight once again I become your every desire
Erotica under the moon

Cannot deny
How wonderful it feels to shed
My good girl skin
For one night
Each month of the year
I like to be bad
So very bad to the bone
My clothes fall off as if by magic
And through the night naked I roam
Free at last as your
Erotica under the moon

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