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6/9/2006 1:38 pm

I only want to bring you pleasure- Master

Jessica Scott was timid when it came to sex. The sting of her husband betrayal was still fresh in her heart. But Master will opened her eyes to all sorts of sexual delights and show her what love is really meant to be.

Master had the ability to put any man or woman in a delicious erotic spell. All couldn't wait to please him. Though Master cared deeply for his male and female pets, it took Jessica to show him what love was.

Both go on an erotic journey of love, lust and everything in between.

Here is a sample of one of Master Drake's lessons for Jessica

“Master.” Ecstasy and Rapture came into the room.

“Come here, both of you.” They both climbed onto the bed with Master and Jessica. “Now sweet Jessica, you will learn the pleasures of group sex.”

“What?” she was content with one man at a time. She didn’t even no how to make love to three at a time. Whoa, this was all going to fast. She wasn’t some wanton slut after all.

“You enjoyed my pets, right?” Master saw the uncertainty in her eyes.

“Very much,” she said shyly. Anticipation filled her, alarmed her. She wanted this. She looked at the three sexy, incredible, downright hot men. Her eyes drifted down to their hard, big, umm delicious cocks. They all were ready for her. But... oh the hell with it, bring it on.

“Don’t worry I will instruct, you just sit back and enjoy, Jessica.” Master placed his hand on Rapture’s head and guided him to Jessica’s pussy. He then guided Ecstasy to one of Jessica’s tits. Jessica gasped as Master sucked on the other tit. So much pleasure. She moaned and sighed. She could feel all their tongues and lips. It was almost too much. Orgasm after delicious orgasm swept her. “Take me in your mouth, Jessica.” Master flipped her over and positioned her by his cock. Rapture entered her pussy with his hard cock. Jessica moaned as Ecstasy got under her and begun to please her with his tongue. “Suck my cock, Jessica.” Master lowered her mouth to his cock.

“But, Master.” She labored to get the words out as the other two were pleasuring her so deliciously. “I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to take all of you in my mouth. You are very large.”

Master chuckled. “Take as much of my cock as you can, I will not force it in your mouth. Now suck, Jessica.” Jessica took the head into her mouth and sucked on it. “That is wonderful, Jessica, take more in your mouth.” Jessica lowered her mouth farther down the shaft. He tasted so wonderful to her. She sucked a little firmer, and then pulled it from her mouth.

“Is that too hard?” She asked wanting to please him. Damon never bothered telling her if she was good at this or not. With Damon, everything seemed to happen so fast she never had the time to enjoy what she was doing.

“You are doing good, Jessica. I will instruct, now continue.” She placed his cock back into her mouth and slid further down the shaft. “Use your tongue, as well. Ecstasy licked at her pussy the way she should lick me.” Jessica felt Ecstasy firm strong strokes on her clit. She did the same to Master’s cock. “Ah, suck at the same time, Jessica.” She obeyed; she wanted so much to please him. She took more of him in her mouth. “Yes, Jessica, take more, relax your throat, and let it slide down.” She obeyed taking more. To her amazement, she managed to take all his cock in her mouth. “Suck harder, Jessica.” She obeyed. She moved her tongue and mouth up and down his shaft, sucking, licking, kissing his cock. Master closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation she was causing. Her eagerness to please him showed. Damn did he love it. He wanted this to go on, but she was getting so intense that he felt his climax building. “I am going to cum, swallow it, Jessica.” She felt Master’s hand grabbed a handful of her hair. As he moaned, she felt the warm salty liquid fill her mouth; she swallowed all his juice. She felt her own waves of pleasure take over her; she screamed and bucked.

Rapture came hard and then switch places with Ecstasy as Master suck at her tits. She didn’t know how much pleasure she could take. After Ecstasy came, Master flipped her on her back and entered her with his powerful cock. The other two suckled on her breast. This almost drove her mad with pleasure. “I can’t take any more,” she said.

“I am not ready to release you yet, make me cum Jessica.” She grinded her hips into his cock, followed stroke for stroke. Rapture and Ecstasy watched as she made Master explode with pleasure. Rapture kissed her lips and Ecstasy stroked her hair. Everyone laid sate. “Well, Jessica you have completely satisfied three men. I would say your lessons are going well,” Master chuckled

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