Do you like me? Walking home  

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6/22/2006 8:41 am

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Do you like me? Walking home

9:38 AM 6/22/06

I`m in a strange place,strange land.
with me in me,but there is no demand.

James,James,James,James and all in tears.
Inside of this empty seeshell,eaten,beaten and destroyed.

Staint James is outside,beside myself.I`m in love with him,still.
Which is still me,alive,outside the shell,unprotected,hurt in pain,crying for Jashsua jesus christ,dying, golghata.

Next to me.I`m tied and nailed,facing him.But I can not see his face,
We both a facing the east.Sunrise, finnaly god seems to awaken.I here James, I need to be taken.

All around us, is the beast.
Exepet my mother,and his, she seems to be, molested by the pain.

writen by
Minister Karina G.Jones~Muench
Healing a pastlife also a way to my Brother the Christ.
I like it
I do not like it
I made me happy
please write me about your pastlife

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