Children always love to play  

godessinmaking 47F
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7/6/2006 10:12 am
Children always love to play

I woke up in a sandbox and I could not move my left wrist and my complete arm.It was swollen it looked like my mother stuffed 3 pillows under my skin.

Getting to show the nun,my dilemma's yelled"Sit down,my child chen of god,you just want to play"

Oh,well I toughed to my self.I play with the other arm,but the pan in golfed me.It was about 9:30 AM.
My mother was not due to pick me up till 12:30 PM.
What a time I had,the nuns did not ask me ,one time,if I was okay.Painstakingly I walked around the kindergarten,but none seemed to notice,the extreme large bulge on my arm.It was not a good morning.

My mother was late.She did not show,till about 10 min till 1.00 PM.She screamed,loud,seeing my arm and walked 5 blocks away to the surgeon.

X -ray,broken,put my arm in gibs.I could not reach my fingers.

6 weeks of waiting and hoping,my arm will be okay/oh one more thing>I could not bite my nails on this hand.My father Rudi was very happy to see a hand with nails.That was the first and last time,he seen me with finger nails.

I bit my nails from the age of 3 till the age of 34.Then I stopped.

But He died without me.Never seeing my natural nails,that he so much desired.


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