What not to do..........  

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5/6/2005 2:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What not to do..........

Good advise from a good friend:

1. NEVER wear a red shirt & khaki pants to Target. Someone might think you work there.

2. When going to the Whole Foods Market "hot spot", be careful how much you put in your container. It's good stuff but at $6.99/lbs, you could get in trouble........ fast!

3. NEVER forget the due dates for library materials, because the fines rack up faster the the example mentioned for #2.

4. NEVER shop in a Department store's perfume area on Mother's Day weekend, especially if you're a male.

I spent today:
- working on papers.
- bought a new shirt........ nice one!!!!
- looked into having my shirts custom-made. My build, as a favorate Sales Rep would say- "you're not shopping off the rack, jack".
- preparing for a fun function this evening. Its a couple hours but a nice break in pace.

So much for exciting. By the way, I have to say this. If you need a good gift for a lady (whoever), I gave "Origins" product line & have yet to hear a complaint.


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