Bla-bla-blog....... Foreign languages  

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2/17/2005 12:53 pm

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Bla-bla-blog....... Foreign languages

Well. Here's another posting!!!!

Studiando............ Studiando.............. Studiando..........Studiando........Studiando!!!!!

Hey, I put myself in this two years ago. I decided that I would study German & Italian..... AT THE SAME TIME (I also took Spanish but that confused me in Italian so I stopped)!!!!!! I don't know how I did it but I am in term 5 of 6 College level classes. I feel like I've accomplished a great deal. I am fluent? Not by a long shot. I can read both fairly well, writing a bit better, & speaking is coming. Now, I hope this pays off for a better gig, MBA or both. I was on the border w/ no foreign languages.

People ask me which is harder. German is tricky because of the vocabulary. There aren't as many tenses as Italian. In Italian past tense, you have to decide what verbs take action (avere= to have) & motion (essere= to be). Some of you Italian & German ladies out there can now see why I wrote you. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!

Test this evening. Test on Monday. "Vacation" starts Sat-next Friday. A fair amount of that time will be in the library, catching up on work. I'll sneak the Daytona 500 in on Sunday!!!!!!

Bis Bald.......A presto (see you soon). Back to homework.

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