goddessoshun5 41F
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9/5/2006 10:58 pm

We hunger for energy, kundalini. we hunger for connection, something real. So many hungry souls. So much seeking, so much desire. What is your true desire? Why do you need what you need/ want what you want? What is behind the tools you use or the masks you show?
Questioning is the beginning of clarity.
Precision comes with the openness to be seen, felt, known.
When approaching Oshun, first make an offering. Then ask for what you need.
All energy must be reciprocated, balanced.
One cannot only give or receive. We must all do both.
What you give is up to you.
What She gives is Her choice.
Fullness can only be achieved when we can find out exactly what it is that nourishes us and eliminate what drains.

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