Sex and Religion  

goddessofbitches 42M/34F
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6/30/2005 8:22 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sex and Religion

No, I am not here determining where sex fits in with religion. I am actually here wondering why I have been getting emails from people asking for me to repent. Yes that's right. I have received two emails from "members" who are asking me to turn away from the sins of sex and repent. To go to god.
Now, I don't know how many of you have ran into this yet, and quite frankly, I am not surprised. REally. For some reason, it doesn't surprise me that this is happening. But why? How do you react to something like this? You don't cuss them out because that isn't very nice. And yet, you don't want to respond because you don't want to encourage this type of mail to continue being sent. So what do you do? Where do you turn? How are you to explain your feelings about this? I don't even know HOW I feel or WHAT I am supposed to feel about people telling me I am living in sin. People telling me it is wrong to live this way. And yet, it seems so accepted.

I don't know if I am living in "SIN" or if I am living a life. I do know that there is a place and time for everything and I don't think here is the place to be discussing religion. I think that is something you take up with your local pastor or something. But not where everyone is diverse and has SEX on their mind. SEX and COMPANIONSHIP.


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buddhamike 107M
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6/30/2005 8:58 am

Just ignore them. Many of them are just dealing poorly with their own repression. Religion rarely deals with sex well. If you consider the truth, multiple sex partners are commonly referred to in the bible. Back in "biblical times" it was often the case that a woman was expected to get pregnant as proof of the ability to conceive, prior to being considered as a candidate for marriage.


6/30/2005 9:02 am

And who can really judge ....someone ......and his life......his way of living.......!

Better ...ignore ......better forget ..... and enjoy......keep so!

What you do ....what you say must be chosen by you ....right for you ....and no one can even say you.... what to do.

And ..... who knows ....who has finnaly right....?
Who knows....... who is wrong?
Who knows .... really .....what is right and what is wrong?

Neither do I, You .... they

We all just follow...our heart...our spirit ....our soul ......and that seems to be the right for all

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007sexy40plus 52F  
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6/30/2005 9:21 am

First of all the people who wrote to you are total hypocrites. Why are they here, to be writing to people telling them how to live? If they lived a life without sin they would not be on this site trying to convert others. Only you can change you. And since this is a question of SIN I will give a bible quote/question. "those who are without sin, cast the first stone"

I have never gotten any email such as that, but if I do I will definitely deal with them then.

I do not think that this is a place to bring up religious speakings. So you should just continue to ignore the emails. It could be just some people trying to see if they will get a rise out of you.

Good Luck!

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GB_Cple 67M/56F  
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6/30/2005 9:30 am

delete them , forget about , if they persist , bann them.
hey it's onyl cyberspace

rm_evad17 46M

6/30/2005 9:38 am

Well Mandy all I have to say is they are either judging you,inviuos of you or something and those things are a sin also,they are no better or worse than you and I.So if we are wrong then the time will come when we will ask for forgivness.You have to do what is right for you.

SexyArmand69 47M

6/30/2005 9:46 am

Ahh my favorite type of losers... the ever popular zealot who has nothing better to do with their miserable poor excuse for a life than to try and make converts out of others who have lives. (Sarcasm implied)
In truth I expect as much, being a Neopagan Priest and all I have ran into what I call missonary daters, who only want to go out with you just as a means to bring you into the fold so to speak. Which strangely enough is the same tactic they condem what the call "cults" for doing.
I just say live your own life and give them the perverbial finger and move on. Don't even dwell on it.

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eternallover52 65M

6/30/2005 9:47 am

I believe that life is like a classroom and we learn through experience. I'm not one to judge others and agree with KKOSRHO78M, "...who knows...?

LordsBitedStood 65M
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6/30/2005 10:15 am

Mandy don't let a few hypocrites deter you from living your life. They are probably just religious fanatics with nothing better to do in life than try and disrupt others lives by trying to preach what they believe to be right and just. Let it go and forget it. You at the time of death will have to atoll for your sins when you meet God and he will absolve them and let you in to eternal peace if you have accepted him and believe in him. Until then just live your life for yourself and not what others perceive your life should be.

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rm_FreeLove999 48F
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6/30/2005 1:19 pm

of course you're not living in sin! finding happiness and freedom is not a sin! it's easy to say: "ignore them" when you get these annoying messages; but really, you know better and i would just hit the delete button ... i hope we don't all start getting messages from bloody bible bashers ...

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Jerosd 48M

6/30/2005 1:45 pm

Well....all i can say to that is..get on your knees child and repent like a good lil girl..repent like your life depended on

rm_affbreak 47M
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6/30/2005 7:12 pm

> How do you react to something like this?

Forward them to me. I'd happily chat with some religious extremists
in here. Banning them is no good as they'd stay extremists.

> I don't think here is the place to be discussing religion

Imo the internet is one of the best places we have to discuss religion.

lenore00 34F

7/1/2005 2:26 pm

<3 mandy *hugz*

and where the hell is my mail asking me to repent? I'm pretty sure by now its well known im a nympo...wts you get all the luck


goddessofbitches 42M/34F

7/2/2005 11:23 am

It seems to me that it would have happened sooner or later. Where I live, there are people standing outside of the Hustler Store protesting it. I'm wondering why they are there instead of being out in front of the abortion clinic. Not saying I have anything against abortion, but being in front of sex shops are rediculous.


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CuteAZguy27 40M
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7/2/2005 1:35 pm

*Leans against goddessofbitches door to blogging, and waits patiently for goddessofbitches next blog entry of thought*

JuicyBBW1001 56F

7/12/2005 10:38 am

Mandy ignore them they are hypocrites or maybe you should reply and ask them what are they doing on this site to begin with.



11/21/2005 1:22 pm


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