Masterbation and GHOSTS  

goddessofbitches 42M/34F
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7/21/2005 1:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Masterbation and GHOSTS

This is sorta silly....but I had nothing really else to talk about today....

Last night...after both kids were tucked away in their beds and fast asleep...I decided to get my little pink friend out and play. I was horny...Due to the fact my husband is working is 8 night tonight and I was just plain needing to relax.
I got completely it would seem I was completely free and started to rub myself with my vibrator. I turned it on and let it run over my lips. After enjoying just the touch...I lay back onto my pillow and positioned the vibrator into my pussy. It was really feeling good and all was well. I took my fingers...wetted them...and placed them on my clit and began to really get into it.
Out of no where this loud boom shook the house. No it wasn't storming and I live in a townhouse. The thing neighbors are from another country and left last week to go visit family.
I jumped up...pulled my hubbies shirt over my head and went walking through the house to see if anyone had broken in. I took with me my hair dryer...someone was gonna have a headache for ruining my playtime....
After searching and researching the house....nothing was out of place and there wasn't anyone in the house...I decide to head back upstairs. There on the bed was my vibrator. I guess I had left it on....since it was the only thing I heard other than my daughters breathing coming from the monitor.
I layed back down and...somehow...that damn thing found it's way back to my pussy. *giggle* So I picked up where I left I was getting ready to cum...I felt as though someone was watching me. Not that something like that bothers me...but...I still couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. The next thing I I came to my climax...My door started to open...No I have no pets of any kind unless you count the CHIA PET on my counter.
I freaked....and through the vibrator....
I went outside and sat down to smoke and think. I don't believe in ghosts...but I don't believe doors open by themselves either. Once I went back in I searched for every possible explanation of what happened....couldn't find anything...
MY conclusion......
The ghost got off on watching me...which helped me get off by feeling something watching me....


Always The Bitch

starlight_runner 40F

7/21/2005 3:17 pm

OMG How scary is that.Jumps in bed with Mandy and hides under the covers.

kisses Star

keithcancook 61M
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7/21/2005 5:09 pm

Sex at your house is an adventure it seems.

AngelaMarie24 37F

7/21/2005 5:55 pm

HI Mandy,
Thanks for the post in my blog.My twins are starting kindergarden.Its is really nice to meet you,HUGS--Angela

goddessofbitches 42M/34F

7/22/2005 10:50 am

Starlight----jump in bed with me anytime you wish

keith--- you are just going to need to find out for yourself and be the judge

Angela---no prob


Always The Bitch

DukeAbbaddon 42M
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7/23/2005 9:46 am

maybe it you that is the ghost so so restfull

my true ghost story !

One dark day I was swimming close to shore in lake superior America and I walked along the side wood .... as I did I slipped into a hole deep into the water ... uggg glugg glugg ...

as I went deeper a thing green reached out its cold rubbery and stretchy hands ... grabbing both my legs in hard but gentle holds and started to pull me down...

as I fell I felt it accept me into the lakes dead legions , be one of us the sacrifices to the cold cold lake and I felt welcome.

However I didn't want this ! I struggled and struggled against my captor the dark lake deadly and desirous.

However I suddenly new what to do , ask yes that's all I needed it was true I sead please let me go ( nicely ) clearly in my mind.

an answer was made I was free the hand freed me I one second and I rose to the surface

alive and free , but still to this day my soul is in the lake happy and loved

the end


goddessofbitches 42M/34F

7/23/2005 3:26 pm

DUKE--- That was an awesome story....thanks so much for sharing that with me.


Always The Bitch

crankyourwagon 46M

7/23/2005 4:23 pm

Trick or Treat

goddessofbitches 42M/34F

7/24/2005 10:44 am

How about I give you a treat CRANK

Always The Bitch

pussylover5222 35M
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8/13/2005 2:02 am

u need tis pussylover by ur side babe !

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