gloriousjourney 40M
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6/30/2006 1:39 pm

that was the key to it all: bananas. she could fuck who she wanted, fellate whoever happeed to cross her path, the next innocent man that was unfortunate (fortunate?) enough to walk by. but they could never seem to give her the pleasure that the "worlds perfect fruit" could impart to her soul, her fantasy, her vagina.

as far as she could remember, it had all started when she was 12, getting ready for school one day. she had been fixing her breakfast, slicing up one of those yellow gorilla fruits for her cereal. prior to the cutting, she couldnt help but notice the resemblance the pictures she had seen in health class, of that 'thing' that her teacher said was suppossed to go inside her. she couldnt imagine how. her tampons hurt, and they werent nearly that big. right then and there, she resolved that tonight, she would see how it felt.

school that day was pointless. fruitless, you might say.

when she got home, she yelled for someone, anyone, as she walked through the door. noone, thank god.

she went straight to the kitchen, grabbed a banana, and sprinted up to her room. she was breathless, and more excited than she had been in years...

once in her room, she heaved a sigh of relief as she locked the door. safe at last. noone could interrupt her now. if they wouldnt give her a real penis, she would do what she had to. if they yelled she would ignore them. turn the music up loud. tonight was her night, even if it was just her and her yellow friend...

she peeled off her clothes, looking at the fruit the entire time. how on earth would that fit inside of her? she had heard stories of anal sex, and couldnt even begin to fathom that. for now, the issue at hand was how to get that piece of fruit inside of her twat. the end looked a bit rough. ouch. she wanted to do it, but she didnt want to injure herself in the process. a condom!! she still had three of them left over from her sex ed class (where they had taught everything but what she wanted to know). she remembered watching a tv show where they had used fruit to demonstrate the act of putting on a condom, and she mimiked this as accurately as memory would allow. not bad, she thought to herself as she examined her kraftwerk.

she positioned it at the entrance of her twat...

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