Expecting Too Much?????  

glitzflick 63M
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4/19/2006 3:44 pm
Expecting Too Much?????

Well it's been what two weeks now and i can't even remember all the winks and e-mails i've sent out now hoping againgst hope that someone might find me the least bit interesting...!! Someone did make a comment about one of my Blogs that there are alot more men here then women so it's a supply and demand type of thing. I can understand that but it'd sure be nice just once someone would respond to one of my e-mails and least tell me I'm not what their looking for. then at least i'd know that these e-mails i write actually get to someone. I'm doubting they do. I think the service should add a thing where you could at least see that your e-mail got read like AOL does for e-mails between AOL members. I can understand why women in the Fox vally don't find me very interesting I'm nothing specail just an adverage working Joe so to speak. But i know if they'd just once give me a chance to make love to them they'd find that I'd do anything and everything in my power to bring them satisfaction in bed or the couch or where ever they wanted to find it.
I never felt more frustrated then i do right now. man it's tough being my age in this area of the country it seems.Seems most of the women here want another women or their married looking for something on the side. I can't see myself doing a married women after the hurt i experienced when my x wife did what she did to me. i couldn't live with myself if i knew someone else had to experienced that same hurt because of me. It also seems that i'm in the wrong time frame. I enjoy opening doors for women, lighting their smokes, helping them off and on with their coats...being a gentlemen as my Dad taught me to be. But it seems thats not what the 21 century women wants these days.
I don't know anymore. i just feel like I'm wasting my time here. I'll never find a women that wants me for me.
Sorry to bum anyone that even bothers to read this but i have to have somewhere to vent so to speak and being alone all the time leaves me with no one or no place to do it but here. God i wish i were handsome and charming and hung like a horse..LOL!! But i'm me and thats all i'll ever be so i best except that.

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