Day Three Being a Member  

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4/6/2006 4:16 pm

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4/8/2006 5:43 am

Day Three Being a Member

I want to first welcome anyone for comments or whatever I have to say here.Hell i hope that even one person sees this and responds to it That'd least let me know someone noticed me which would prove that I'm not as invisable as i feel i must be.
I joined this site or club or whatever you call it in hopes that i might find a women that would be at least interested enough in me to meet and have a nice dinner together. Be nice to if she found me sexy (HA HA) and wanted me to make loving passionate love to her. But so far after many e-mails and winks sent out i have recieved not one response.Criipe am i that unwantable?
I learned long time ago from my dad ( who's my hereo by the way) that you always treat a women with respect. Open the door for her, light her cigarette, help her on and off with her coat, etc etc.... seems that the modern women of today that isn't what's important anymore. You have to have good looks, money, a good job,etc etc... I don't know anymore what the modern women wants in her man.
I think it'd be at least nice if a women checked out your profile she'd spend 2 mintues to say Hi and tell you your not what she's looking for at the most. Maybe even explain what it is about you that turns her off so maybe you'd have a clue to why your a schlump and maybe change it. Guess I'm expecting too much too soon here since i just joined this club/ site?
I just had to vent and I'm sorry if i've been to rough. But I doubt if anyone even reads this thing anyway. hell i don;t even know how to see if anyone has...LOL!! This new age of computers and digital things leave me lost half the time. i swear i was born in the wrong age. I should have been here back when manners counted and people got along better then they do these days.
My vent and I'm sticking to it..LOL
Hope everyone finds what their looking for here on this site as i know I'm sure not going to least not yet anyway.

lovetohandle80 63M

4/6/2006 4:50 pm

Hang it there, pardner! The men outnumber the women by at least 10 to 1. I joined 2 years ago and was very disillioned at the beginning. What I have learned is that this is a numbers game. You have to contact LOTS of women to get responses. And don't fault the women for not sending even a small response back to you. An attractive woman with a picture on her profile will get hundreds of emails and winks a day. More than almost anyone can respond to.
So you have to play the numbers game and send lots of emails (not winks) to woman whose profiles you find interesting. But don't short cut the process. Don't cut and paste a canned response. Women notice that sort of thing. READ their profiles and respond to their individuality. Takes time? Yes. But it will work. And being a gentleman never goes out of style.

Hang in ain't ain't personal. It's just the laws of supply and demand at work.

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