Day 3 As Member  

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4/7/2006 12:49 pm

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Day 3 As Member

Well in three days i have sent out 5-6 e-mails to standard and silver/ gold members and haven't recieved an answer to any of them yet. I have sent 6 winks to the same persons and yes your right no replys or winks back. I wrote a guestion about if you could see if e-mails were even getting to the person but have to wait for an answer to that one. Did alittle searching here and found that my e-mail perferences actually had the recieve e-mails checked so that i assume it meant i couldnt recieve any e-mails after all. Nice! Glad i happend to find that one. be nice if they told you this when you sign up to be more then a standard member and pay them. Will the women I e-mailed write me now or do i have to rewrite to them? I haven't a clue. Guess to be safe i should but I'm too frustrated now.
I doubt anyones even read this babble anyway so again i'm wasteing my time but it's nice to vent some. But since I'm alone what else do I have to do with my time? Hey if anyone reads this i'd love to hear from you and least tell me i suck or something so i know theres actually other people out there that bother with stuff like this.
I've been thinking i might even start to write my fantasies here after searching for the perfect mate that i'll never meet here. maybe the thing to do in this site is to talk dirty, let it all hang out and see if anyone responds. i have a very active sexaully orienated mind and maybe if i got into it it might make me more attractive.
Seems though so many women in this site are looking for another women or are married looking for something on the side. being in Wisconsin where nearly every man owns a gun for hunting that doesn't sound like a safe sitaution to me. Either for me or the women.
Wellanyway i've vented and hopfully someone will read this when their deadly bored and least let me know they read it in a simple e-mail to me. You can't imagintion how much that would make my day!!!!
Take care all you fun seekers and i hope you find the women or man of your sexual dreams.

49AK 56M
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4/7/2006 1:35 pm

I have good news for you... it works... it just takes time.

You're right that emailing is not terribly productive. Blogging works, though, and the chatrooms are OK, though it takes a bit to get into the swing of that.

Nothing on this site is perfect, but it has some potential. Stick it out... It is a lot of fun!

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