quickly this time..  

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12/21/2005 1:04 am

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quickly this time..

The door is opened.. a well built man in a black suit stands there. He is older with white hair and very broad sholders. And he smiles at me, holds out his hand and leads me into a small room, and motions me to wait. and leaves.

There is a another women there, naked like me. I am still breathing rapidly from my intense orgasm and very aware of the fluid dripping down my legs. Which I try to wipe away. we exchange small nervous smiles..politeness can exist in the most surreal conditions!!
We wait for a few moments then another girl is ushered in, I can see from her still red, smooth pussy and the marks on her that she has had the same experiences i have> I realise I must look like that, flushed, swollen, bewildered.

I notice another door in front of us.. And from behind it can hear the murmer of voices. I begin to feel panic rising in me as i have no idea what to expect.

The white haired man re enters and opens the door with a florish and ushers the three of us in. We stand there, three naked, trembling women.

Its a party. There are ten men there. they are sitting on large sofas surrounding a pile of cushions on the floor. They all look round at us with grins.

One man stands. He is obviously the one in charge.
He beckons us over to him. one by one he looks us over. squeezing our breasts and ass. smiling at the wetness and heat of our cunts.

The rest of the men fall silent watching us. The tension in the room is palpable. I look round and see that He is there. My blonde master. I am comforted. He winks.

I look at the other men they range in age from about twenty to a very much older man of at least seventy. I can see the bulge in their trousers as we are made to bend over so the man can see everything.

He begins to issue our instructions.

He instructs us to stand before different men.
i Am ordered to stand before the oldest man in the room. He is over sixty. He licks his lips and smiles at me, his eyes devouring my body. lingering on my waxed pussy, i can see the bulge in his trousers grow..as his hand almost involuntarily rubs himself.
I kneel before him as intructed between his knees,
and slowly undo his zip..at the same time the other two women simultaneously do the same before two other men. I am miserably aware the one kneels before my master.

His cock springs up..surprisingly large from abed of sparsh grey hair. i wait.
he lies back closing his eyes. and sighs softly.
"suck,whores" the command is like a whiplash...
I sneak a glace at my blond master and see her head between his knees.. he catches me eye and i see a spark ok arousal, i know that to do this well will please him..and more than anything i want to do this.

I bow my head and take the old mans penis into my mouth..I hear him moan. and feel his cock stiffen and swell even further. I lap arround the head of his cock then slide his dick deep into my mouth untill it hits the back of my throat.

His hands grasp the back of my head as he begins to fuck my mouth... moaning loader..

to my surprise i can feel my clit swelling and wetness against my thigh...


I abrubtly let go and move to the next man, in his thirties, a very pale thin man.. not someone i would find attractive at all. he had already unzipped his own flie and a very long, thin penis was swaying. I got an impression of precum glistening on the tip before he hurridly thrust it into my mouth. I put my hands on his knees to steady myself as he quickly began to thrust deep into my mouth.. i had to concentrate on not gagging... his pubic hair was jet black and surprisingly silky as i found when it brushed against my nose! He also grabbed my head and held it steady as he fucked my face...


again i moved hurredly to the next man...i heard a slap as one girl didn't move as fast as she should have...
the next was a very portly man, with a florrid complexion... he looked paniced and i found out why when he put his cock into my mouth..it was small and flaccid. I looked up in surprise and saw a mute plea in his eyes...i realised it wasn't just us women who were being trained...

I also realised that i could be punished if i couldn't make this cock hard.

I sucked and licked. and finally when i took his balls into my mouth and sucked on each one... i heard him groan and felt his cock swell. I felt absurdly proud. I caught his eye and winked..very cheeky of me,but i felt elated!

i lifted my head and looked round all ten men were looking flushed each with a glistening erection rising up from their trousers...

rm_Smoothyboy77 40M

12/22/2005 3:38 pm

fucken hell love your story....keep telling me more.....i wish i was one of the guys in the room ready to get to know you more intimately..

jonjon176 43M
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12/29/2005 3:22 pm

love it - and the new pic

citizen4722 60M  
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1/1/2006 11:46 am

Amazing story glavalova, have you ever been told you have a really wild imagination?. I would love to hear more of your fantasies.

tubbylardo29 43M

1/3/2006 7:41 am

wow again, off to have a wank now.

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