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12/12/2005 7:04 am

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another dream

I'm in a room.

The walls are white,the ceiling is white, the floor is white tiles, the lightness almost hurts my eyes. The room is lined by four white doors. The one i was brought in by is locked. All is silent.

I can feel panic building up in me. My breath is quickening and i gulp down the urge to scream. I have no knowledge of why he brought me here, but all i know is I trust him.... I put my hands over my mouth and wait, my heart pounding so hard its almost painful, i fancy i can feel the blood course through my veins.
I jump as i hear a click as one door unlocks, in the silence it sounds like a gunshot. I tentatively touch the door with one finger, then i push it and it swings open....
I remember the instructions i was given and after an inner struggle I obediantly step inside.

The room is bathed in a soft yellow light but is so dimly lit. I try to get used to the light but after the harshness of the hall this is a relief to my eyes, but a shock to my mind!

I start suddenly as i see a young women in the shadows. She is dressed in a long severe grey dress. She smiles and lead me further into the darkness. Reassured I follow her.

There is a small round raised dais in the floor, she motions to me to stand on it. i obey. She unbuttons my blouse, and takes it off then my skirt. My bra and panties and stockings soon follow. I stand exposed in front of her and i want to weep as she is so beautiful and i am not. I stare at the floor.

She walks around me. appraising. Her hand squeezes my full ass and then she weighs my heavy breasts in her hand, her thumb pinches my nipples and they instantly harden. For as ashamed as i am i feel strangely aroused. She looks at my pussy which is trimmed. And tuts softly...

Another, equally beautiful girl appears seemingly out of nowhere holding a tray, they gently press me to lie on the floor, whilst hot wax is applied onto my bush, and then removed quickly. I gasp with pain. The pain is intense but quickly dies down. I have never been hairless before and i am pleased with how it looks.Then i am helped back onto the dais. She continues her appraisal of me. she applies cooling cream onto my still hot mound but then slides her fingers quickly into my cunt. I am very tight but by now very wet and she nods. Then she goes behind me to my ass. parts my ass cheeks and runs a finger around my anus. sliding her finger in there also. I squawk with surprise, and goosebumps immediately appear.

again she nods.. Then quickly she pulls me to the door i came in by, opens it and pushes me outside..
I blink in the blinding light, and hear the door shut.
I am naked and exposed. Shame rushes over me and this time i do weep and try to cover my nakedness with my hands.

I wait miserably for what seems like an eternity then i hear another deafening click as a second door unlocks.......

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1/3/2006 7:35 am


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