weather, sharks, beachs and anything else  

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7/22/2005 9:56 am

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weather, sharks, beachs and anything else

I've been following a few blogs to get some ideas, get the creative juices flowing. This idea came from one of the better blogs i've been following.

Beaches. Why are they so popular? I'm one of those cursed people that doesn't tan. Destined to a life of being pale. I could blame it on my ancestors, if I knew who they were. Supposedly there is some Scot or Irish in me. Pale skin, reddish hair, love to drink...yep, could be either one.
Back to beaches. One problem is sharks. Yeah, I've read all the stories about shark attacks. The sad truth is there are several hundred shark attacks every year. Sharks have to eat too. Fortunately, we're not on thier diet, guess they don't like white meat. We're taking away thier fish, so they have to find other foods. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not taking the sharks' side, just trying to understand them. If anyone has ever read about the USS Indianapolis, you'll hate sharks.
Another problem, sand. I've seen enough sand to last 2 lifetimes. Sure, desert sand is different from beach sand. And on a beach women wear skimpy bikinis (a definate plus), not covered in head to toe in robes. I'll stay where the air conditioners are, added bonus if i can see the beach and have a cold drink in my hand.

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