fun times of spring  

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3/22/2006 3:00 pm

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fun times of spring

Sometimes we get a chuckle out of someone else's bad luck. Maybe you will find a laugh in this.

With the warmer weather my grass has decided to grow. So having the day off (something I'm not used to) I decided to cut my grass. I don't really mind cutting grass. It doesn't take that long and it wasn't that hot today.

So I get my lawnmower out. Because it had been sitting up all winter, the gas had evaporated. I don't have a large yard, so I don't need a lot of gas to get it cut. The fuel can had some gas in it. Now generally this is a bad idea, gasoline collects water if left for a long time. Sure enough, the lawnmower wouldn't start.
Off to get gasoline.

I get the gasoline (at $2.50/gallon) and back to the lawnmower. Fill it up, even check the oil. Then I start pulling. Nothing. I prime the engine. Nothing. Shake out the air filter. Nothing. Pull the spark plug out. It looks ok. So off to the parts place for an air filter and spark plug.

Now when people go shopping rarely do they say "Hey, I need a spark plug for my lawn mower". What's the moral, they are hidden in the back of the lawn and garden center. So I emerge victorious with a new spark plug and air filter only after 45 minutes of searching.

I put the new parts in, even clean out the carburetor. Then I begin to pull. It cranks and starts...for a few seconds. So I need to replace the fuel line. Maybe some dirt or grit got in it. With all the pulling I got a small blister on my hand. When I say "pull" i mean i pulled the damn starter enough I could've probably cut my damn grass just spinning the blade that way. So in changing the fuel line, gas poured over my hands...and into the blister. Fun. Get it all back together and try to start it and.....Nothing.

So I go to the internet to trouble shoot this (Yes, the net is good for something besides porn and looking for hook ups). I find a web page specifically for my lawnmower. Great! Too bad it was a collection of postings about how dissatisfied people were with thier lawnmower. About the longest anyone went without problems is one year. I've had mine over 3. Moral of the story, the lawnmower is cheap and not worth finding a carburetor.

It's now sitting in front of my house with a sign saying "Please steal me".

Hope someone got a chuckle out of this

nutmegsrevenge 37F  
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11/24/2011 10:04 pm

I did.

Always and in All Ways,


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