Masterbating, G spots and oysters  

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Masterbating, G spots and oysters

More about rumors and old wives tales. Is masterbating dangerous? does it cause hairy palsm/blindness? (i really hope not). Is there a G spot? Can oysters help your libido?

Flogging the dolphin does not cause blindness or hairy palms or any other dreaded problems. On the contrary, a medical report says men that masterbate more than 21 times a month are less likely to have prostate cancer. Sure, orgasming 21 times a month from sex would work too but anyone getting laid that much has no business on here LOL. Sorry ladies, I haven't found anything yet on the benefits of masterbation for women. However, if any ladies want to do a study, i'm more than willing to lend a hand (pun intended).

Is there a G spot? Yes. it's been described in medical papers, first by a german (or austrian...what's the difference?) named Grafenburg. Now does touching your g spot cause incredible orgasms or squirting? that depends on the individual woman. Since we're on the subject, can women squirt? Yes. The fluid comes (or cums) from the Skene's glands. It's similar to the fluid from the male prostate. It's still a question as to why. Some of us, me included, are just glad it happens.

How can you tell if you're touching the g spot? very simple. Because it is close to the urethra, the woman will have the urge to urinate. She cannot urinate though, it's just pressure on the urethra. The g spot is on the front interior wall of the vagina, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches in. Any ladies wanting to find thiers, again I am more than happy to help. In the name of science of course.

Are oysters an aphrodisiac? There's no scientific proof that any food has mythical sexual properties. Alcohol seems to work well though LOL. Some foods are high in nutrients such as sulfur or zinc that can help a man maintain an erection. Eggs, onions, garlic, things like that. Just eat a breath mint. A man that eats eggs with onions and garlic would probably not be too lucky with the ladies. Not only does garlic stay on your breath, you actually sweat it out. Sexy.

Red dye #9 does seem to have aphrodisiac properties. it tends to make women uninhibited and in the mood. While it makes men in the mood also, it robs them of the ability to perform. Where can you find this concoction? Your local tavern. Red dye #9 is the coloring for cherries, often used in alcoholic beverages.

Just some food for thought. I should probably reduce my chances for prostate cancer. Any women want to lend a hand? LOL

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