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Researchers say we all have dreams, we just may not remember them. I don't know if that's an urban myth or not. What good would it be to not remember a dream you had when you wake? That's kinda like getting drunk, passing out, then waking up with a beautiful woman and not knowing what happened.

I don't dream usually, or don't remember them, whatever the case may be. Part of the problem is I don't go to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. No wet dreams, no warm and fuzzy dreams and no nightmares. Nothing.

That kinda bothers me. When I was a young naive paramedic, me and my partner answered a particularly bad call. Not to go into detail (somebody would lose thier lunch from reading about it), but my partner said "oh yeah, that'll give you nightmares". Nope, not a one. Not that I'm complaining, who would want nightmares? I can see all this twisted and morbid scenes and never be bothered by them again. I'm sure my mind files it away as "bad shit" and just doesn't remind me of it.

I've had 2 "bad" dreams recently, as in the last 6 months. One I dreamt I was being stabbed. Of course all dreams are realistic. That woke me up, and guess what? I had a sharp stabbing pain in my chest. The doc said it was cervical radiculopathy, fancy word for a pulled muscle that runs from my breastbone to my neck and down into my back. I don't know what it was, it just hurt like hell. Last night I had another "bad" dream. I dreamt someone had broken into my house. It was very odd. I don't want to go into details, simply because if it turns out I'm sick and twisted I don't want y'all to know about it.

So here's my question. How come I can't have dreams of taking on whole cheerleading squads, or waking up between 2 beautiful women? Or maybe I do have those dreams, but simply don't remember them. Wouldn't be great if you could record your dreams and play them back when you're awake so you could enjoy them?

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