What's Your Fantasy?  

givingbjs 57M  
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3/31/2005 11:48 pm

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10/20/2010 7:44 pm

What's Your Fantasy?

Write about a sexual fantasy or about an early experience that you'd like to re-inact with someone. Do you want to use someone? Would you like to rub your cock on someone? Do you want someone to suck you in a public place? Do you want to j/o on someone? Do you want someone to visit you at work to give you some pleasure? Do you want somone to grab your cock through your clothes? Do you want sex with food involved or be part of a dessert? Do you want to be tickled? Do you want a tongue bath? What's your fantasy? Post it here.

If you're in S.E. Louisiana or visiting here, let me know your fantasy...maybe we can role-play.

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4/18/2005 1:50 pm

Would like to find a couple where M is Bi. Like watching his wife get eaten then let me fuck her while I give him the best BJ he's ever had, nothing like connecting with a sexy couple, I have huge loads to share with them both, anyone interested??

rm_lolderwomen 62M

6/28/2005 2:48 pm

I would love to eat a creampie out of your wife's pussy or you eat mind.Than lick you clean.

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7/28/2005 5:16 pm

My fantasy is to get with a couple were me and the wife kneel down side by side and take turns sucking your cock,tell you explode then we would lick you clean while me and her kiss and tongue.Then I would watch you fuck her and after a few strokes you would pull out and let me suck her juices off your cock.Then you would pull out of her as you cum and I would lick you both clean.

rm_tom118822 73M

5/18/2007 3:58 am

i would like to have a threesome have a guy suck me while i suck the other guy also would let one guy fuck me while the other suck me or i could fuck one while he was being sucked

rm_Optimist4692 76M
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7/18/2007 11:30 am

Nice fantasy - wish I was there to participate. Of coourse I would have to suck your cock too.

Tagteamers 68M/58M

8/27/2007 8:04 am

Our fantasy is to suck off a father and son. Either each alone or together watching as the other gets off. Either way it doesn't matter. We've had brothers, butt still searching for that father and son combo.

rm_gonejackin 70M
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9/5/2007 4:21 am

I want to eat a pussy while a man sucks me or jacks me off!

amiteriver 62M
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11/11/2007 6:46 am

I would luv to part of threesome

Opened2anything 49M/49F
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7/18/2008 1:28 am

I would love to be the middle man in a fuck trio (fucking while being fucked)

Lickable_Cream 54F
9 posts
7/27/2008 7:05 am

MMMMMm...I would love to see two or more men getting very naughty and nasty. Would I join in? Maybe...

rm_chad17772 68M
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1/7/2009 7:00 am

I'd like to knock on your door with a package delivery. You'd invite me in while you get some cash for the COD. You end up having no money for the package, but it is something you need really bad. You ask if there is any way you can have me take care of the few dollars due. I notice your dick getting big and hard as you ask this. Quickly, my dick becomes obvious as it hardens. You drop to your knees and say you'll take care of my package if I'll leave the delivered one for you. I tell you it'll work, if you can have a friend come in to suck my balls while you do my dick....and it has to last at least an hour and half. You agree and call a friend. I sit back on your couch while you get us a drink and you drop some porn in to watch. You take your time working my dick through my jeans and slowly take my pants off. The doorbell rings, and it is your buddy who comes in. He starts on my balls and we end up on the floor, him working my ass and balls with his tongue while you take your time licking , stroking and sucking my dick. We have to stop several times so I don't cum too soon, each time taking a mouthful of the drinks. You bring a mug in from the kitchen with hot coffee to warm your mouth. You give your buddy a drink with ice cubes in it. You guys continue with the activity with hot and cold added at the same time. Finally, I can't stop the explosion. We all lay back and relax.....and I tell you you've got it half paid for. We need to start over again in a few minutes...............and we do.

joejoeblow2 64M  
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1/11/2009 11:37 pm

As long as I can remember, I'd always wanted to eat a woman's pussy while she was being fucked. About 3 years ago, I finally lived that fantasy. Her and I were 69ing, her on top. Then her husband got behind her and slid his cock into her. I would lick and tease her clit, then tilt my head back and suck on his balls. When he'd pull out too far, I'd pull his cock into my mouth and suck him clear to his balls, cleaning off all her pussy juices, then put his cock back into her pussy. We did this several times, my face covered with her overflowing pussy. I was really teasing her clit when he shot his load deep insde her. Moments later, she got off too. When he pulled his still stiff cock out, I sucked him in, all the way to his balls, again, cleaning off all the cum from his shaft and sucking out the dregs. When I was done with him, I told her to relax and let all his and her cum run out onto my face and into my mouth. She couldn't quite relax enough and when she tried to push it out, she started pissing, too. She flooded my mouth to overflowing and drenched my face. I opened my mouth wide and tried to catch and swallow as much as I could. As it turned out, it was much better than any fantasy. I sure hope to find another couple sometime, to do it again.

boudinboy2 69M

6/24/2009 7:47 pm

To all that has been written.
A big DITTO.

rm_00icu812sm 39M
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10/18/2010 6:06 pm


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12/24/2012 9:43 pm

I have done most of my fantasties but still have a few to do. A tall hot blonde female and her hung black bf , a mom and son, dad and daughter, brother/sister twins.

agcs44 72M  
4 posts
8/13/2014 7:15 pm

Kind of like curious 6969 except I would love to be placed on bed or whatever and have two or more cum on my cock and balls and rub their cum all over me and on my chest and then make me dress and leave with no cleanup

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