sex story of me  

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5/18/2006 4:33 am

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sex story of me

it was summer 2002, i was invited to a friend couple, for the weekend. Over ther ther was woman let's call her, mairy. they day was going well we wend for swiming, some food, and some drinks(clasic greek).Since the rooms were small i slept together with mairy. She was a black hair, black skin woman with bery big lips and perfect body. mairy was mairied but her husband could't come for the weekend(to many hours in work). In the night i told her if she would like to go out in the balconi, for smoke!!!!. she said ok. The house was locateted inside the towh in a very nice place with houses all over around. after a wile a realise that she want more than some talk, and i make my move. i put my hand under her , and wile looking at her, i kissed her in her mooth, she was very wet. then i told her (i want you khow). She stood up, she turnd around, and she told me fuck here in the balconi. while we were having sex i notice some very strange sound around the house. it was probably other people seeing me fuck in her.She told me that she was injoing very match sex and other people looking at her. it was a perfect fuck 3 hours was last.she give me a nickname (baby-master). after that in the morning. we take our coffee with the frindly coyple. the storie will continue.......

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5/19/2006 5:55 am

lovely and exciting

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