our hotel naughtyness  

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our hotel naughtyness

I pulled off my g-string and stuffed it into my bag.

"God, I'm still so horny. What should we do?"

Benny looked me up and down. "Well, it's hard for you to be wearing less than you are right now."

Two women in their 30s came to stand at the mirrors right near us and looked across. They were trying desperately to rearrange their sagging tits to show a bit more as well.

"I know," Benny said, with a wicked grin. "Why don't we swap clothes? You should wear my bodysuit and I'll wear your dress. That way we'll match in our black lace."

"You're a size smaller than me though, Benny."

"Well, that bodysuit of mine'll have to stretch a bit, won't it?"

I was excited that Benny was finally getting into the spirit of the evening.

"I see what you mean, darling. And if my dress is a bit big, it'll show off all your best assets."

I added, "Just thinking about it makes me so horny I can hardly keep my legs together!" I said this last part loud enough for the two women to hear clearly clearly.

They raised their eyebrows at each other slightly and looked at Benny and I with a kind of superior look that some of the total bitches at school used to give me.

I didn't like it much so I pulled my dress off over my head, handed it to Benny and stood in front of the mirror thrusting my still-wet tits out. Standing naked in my heels, my butt stuck out nicely and I turned around to admire it in the mirror. I put my finger right between my legs and ran it slowly up between my slippery pussy lips to my belly.

Both women were just staring at me with their mouths slightly open.

"It's so hard to know exactly what to wear, isn't it?" I asked them sarcastically. "Showing the right amount of tit and arse is a real challenge, huh?"

They looked at one another with eyes wide open, not knowing how to react.

"I've just had a guy bring me to orgasm out there in the restaurant," I went on. "Much better than the food here. I can recommend it."

One of the women was tomato red but had started to get turned on by what I was doing, I could tell. All of a sudden, she said, "Well, I'd like to see you girls in action then. We're down in the lounge if you'd like to show us old ducks a thing or two."

She and her friend laughed and Benny and I couldn't help laughing along with them.

As they left the bathroom, I felt a hot flush of excitement go right through me.

"There's nothing like a challenge, huh, Benny?"

Benny was wearing my dress, still a bit wet in places, but it clung to the important parts. She also borrowed my beaded g-string which glinted under the dress provocatively. Because she's got smaller tits, we arranged the straps so that it sat high, giving people a good look at Benny's fabulous long legs.

I couldn't get Benny's bodysuit on in one piece, so we'd cut it in half around the waist.

"I'll buy you a new one!" I promised her.

What I was left with was a bottom, which looked like a pair of pantyhose minus the feet - and a skimpy top, which was ultra-tight almost sheer black lace.

I rolled the bottoms down so they sat really low on my hips and turned around to look in the mirror.

"Can you see my pussy Benny?"

"I can just see the top of your mound." she replied.

I rolled it down another inch or so.

"Your slit's just about showing," Benny said.

That's exactly what I wanted to hear.

"What about my tits?"

"They look a bit small 'cos they're pressed in too tight, I reckon," Benny said.

"You're right. This top's just about suffocating me!" I said. "Grab the scissors and cut from the top so my tits can push up."

A little snip of fabric and my tits popped up out of their prison. I adjusted them so the nipples were behind the lace but otherwise plenty of fleshy breast was wobbling around freely.

"How do I look?" I asked Benny.

"Like a complete slut!" she giggled.

As I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror I could feel myself getting wet. I stuck my fingers down the front of my stocking and fingered myself as we left the ladies' restroom and walked back out into the restaurant.

"What the hell are you doing?" whispered Benny as the door clicked shut behind us.

"I'm wanking, Benny. What does it look like?" I whispered back.

As I swayed in my high heels, I felt too horny to care about anything. My finger felt nice massaging my clit as I walked down the stairs.

"We're getting a lot of looks," Benny whispered, once we were down in the lounge.

"That's the whole idea, honey!" I whispered back. "Let's look for those two women from the bathroom."

We sauntered around the lounge, eyeing off guys and girls. A couple of guys had a bit of a grope of my arse and one guy even pulled down the back of my stocking several inches.

Without pulling it back up, I turned to face him.

"You should ask before you do that sort of thing."

"I'm sorry," he said before falling silent. He was a tall, confident looking guy in a white t-shirt. He kept looking me and up and down especially where my stocking was now barely covering my pussy.

After a moment or two he spoke again with a little smile, "I will ask next time. My name's Bruce, by the way."

"I hope you will Bruce," I told him with mock seriousness.

"Perhaps you could do it now," I added, with a little smile, wondering how confident this guy really was.

Bruce looked me in the eye for quite a while before he said something.

"OK. I've watched you since you came downstairs. I'd like to slowly expose your body to everyone here."

I gulped a little bit. "Alright then." I could feel my face going red - and the heat in my pussy growing too.

I looked around for Benny, but she was already sitting on the arm of some guys chair with a drink, chatting.

Bruce moved close to me and his arm went around my waist.

"I want to see if you'r cunt," he whispered.

A little jolt of electricity went through me as he said that. I swear I could feel the wetness trickle down my inner thighs.

"OK. But I want to be totally naked," I whispered to him. "And spread my legs for everyone to see."

I thought that would shock him a little but his face gave little away.

I took his hand and put his fingers down the front of my stocking. I wanted him to stroke my wet slit so badly, but he didn't. So, knowing that people could see half my butt with my stocking still pulled down, I started to walk towards the chair where Benny was sitting.

"Hi there Benny," I said, "I've found a friend."

Benny was sitting astride the padded arm of the chair, leaning forward onto a guy sitting in the chair. Her dress was up around her waist and, visible to the whole lounge, the globes of her butt separated by just the beads of my g-string.

"Looks like you have too," I added when I saw what she'd been up to.

As she turned around, smiling, it was obvious the guy in the chair had been sucking on one of her tits. She faced me, her lipstick smeared, with her tit hanging out of the slinky dress.

"Hi guys!" she giggled drunkenly. "I'm having such a good time!"

Seeing her acting the total slut made me feel strangely jealous of her, so I looked at Bruce and said to him, "Benny's got a stunning butt, huh?"

He nodded and stuck his tongue out just a tiny bit in a very sexy way.

"Why don't you take it off for her?," I suggested to him.

Obediently, Benny stood up straight with her back to us, and leaned down to kiss her guy again, pushing her shapely brown arse out towards us. Bruce slowly pulled her g-string down, down, down, until her cunt was visible.

"Like this?" he asked me.

"Mmmm," I moaned. I couldn't help but start to finger myself as I watched.

Several people started to watch us now and Bruce moved to let them see Benny's exposed wet pussy clearly. Benny was still leaning forward, kissing her guy, but her legs were slowly spreading further apart, responding to Bruce's touch.

"Go on, Bruce. Take it off," I pleaded with him.

Bruce pulled the g-string right down to Benny's ankles and she stepped out of it, planting her feet far apart to spread her naked pussy for all to see.

"I think she enjoys being shown off," Bruce said to me. "What about you?"

I was standing with my hand down the front of my stocking, and hardly even noticed the guy behind me who was kneading my butt cheeks. There was a group of about ten people watching, among them the two women we'd met earlier in the washroom.

"I'm easy," I told Bruce.

"I know," he said, as he took my hand from my stocking. It was now pulled down below my butt and pussy and the onlookers could see my cunt lips.

Benny was still in front of her guy, kissing him, while he fondled her tits. Her cunt was slippery and wide apart and, before some guy got there, I thought I would. I sat down on the floor between Benny's legs, leaning back against the chair, facing out into the room. I kicked my shoes off and arched my back upwards towards Benny's juicy slit.

As my tongue reached her clit, Benny tensed like a bolt of electricity had hit her. I kept licking her in little swirls and I could feel someone pulling at my body stocking. It was Bruce.

"Take them off, quick!" I urged him as I stopped licking.

He pulled and pulled and eventually got them off my legs. I was now on the floor with my legs and pussy completely naked and it felt great!

"I want to spread my legs," I whispered to Bruce. Just saying it out loud to him was almost as exciting as doing it.

My tongue went back to Benny's glistening lips as I spread my legs out on the carpet. My back arched some more and my butt lifted off the ground. I was aching for someone to play with my cunt.

Pretty soon someone did. My eyes were now closed and I almost didn't want to open them. Benny was just about at orgasm and the excitement of not knowing who was licking me so skilfully was incredible.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes!!!" It was Benny yelling.

I kept alternating the ways I licked her. Fast - slow - fast. Stopping for a moment, then starting again. Pretty much the way I like a guy to do it to me - and the way someone was licking me right now!

All of sudden, Benny came. Her legs locked and just about strangled me. I was pretty close to orgasm myself, so I hung on with my eyes shut for a moment longer.

"Keep going! Yes, like that!"

I urged the person who had my legs spread wide apart. A moment later, I came like I'd never come before. My orgasm seemed to last minutes as I lay there, eyes still shut.

When I finally opened my eyes, the person who'd brought me to orgasm had gone. A circle of people were standing around me. My legs were wide apart, the carpet between my legs wet. I looked up but couldn't see Benny anywhere.

As my eyes focussed a bit better, I could see Tom and Martin. Bruce was there, smiling. The two women from the bathroom, too. I'd just had the orgasm of my life, but I still felt naughty.

"Will someone help me up please?" I asked.

Bruce came forward and helped me up. I straddled the arm of the chair which was now empty, my cunt wide apart facing the group.

"My shoes, please."

Bruce handed them to me and I slid them on slowly, eyeing the group as I did. I made sure my legs stayed as wide apart as possible.

"So, whoever licked me out did a great job. Thank you," I announced to the group.

I noticed my beaded g-string that I had lent Benny was still on the floor. I leaned down to pick it up and dangled it between my spread legs, to hide my naked pussy from view and just sat, smiling.

"Hey, Benny!" I suddenly noticed her emerge from behind the watching crowd.

She was holding the hand of the guy who she was kissing. They both came forward and stood in front of me.

"Look at you!" Benny said, pointing at my pussy. "Nothing's enough for you, huh?"

"I need to have a dick up my pussy," I giggled. "Any takers?" I added, loud enough for the others to hear.

A couple of the waiters were hanging around. They obviously had instructions to see that nothing got out of hand, so one said to me, "Listen girls. We can't have you doing that here, OK?"

"Where do you suggest then?"

Several people in the crowd laughed, so I got a bit bolder.

"See this g-string?" I waved it around in my hand, again showing my wet cunt to everyone.

"Whoever follows me out of this place can see what I'm going to do with it." I twirled it in my fingers with one hand, while my other hand went to my cunt.

As I started fondling my clit, I leaned back onto the padded arm of the chair, pleasuring myself. My legs spread even further apart and I put one of them on the other arm of the chair.

"Hey babe," the waiter pleaded. "We'll lose our license to trade if you put on a show like this."

"Hey, leave her alone," said one of the guys watching. "She's not a hooker or anything, is she?"

"No, she's not!" Benny piped up.

The waiter walked off - probably to get the manager, I thought. So I had to be quick.

I'd cum twice in this place already and my pussy was aching badly for someone's hard dick.

"C'mon Bruce. Fuck me!" I announced. I put my fingers in my mouth and did my best .-star act as my fingers slid down my belly into my pussy.

"I don't care who fucks me!" I added, "Doesn't anyone want this beautiful pussy?"

Nobody came forward. Some people looked embarrassed; others completely on edge.

So I turned around, thrust my butt in the air and leaned over the chair like Benny had done. My fingers were still playing with my pussy when I could feel someone come up behind me. I love anonymous sex, so I closed my eyes again, not wanting to know who this was.

I could hear the rip of a condom wrapper - good! - and within a few seconds, a very nice feeling started to fill me. Bent over a chair like this meant that his hard cock could push up against my g-spot - and it did!

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," I could hear someone pant. It was me!

That big cock was just banging away at me - his hands were squeezing my butt cheeks and pulling my hips towards him as we built up a nice rhythm.

"Go girl, go!"

I could hear Benny's excited voice behind me. Plenty of other voices too, but it all just blended into a roar as I could feel yet another orgasm growing fast.

Suddenly, it came.

"Oh my God," I could hear myself squeal. "Oh my God!!!"

That familiar feeling of a hard on getting just a bit fatter before orgasm filled me up as the guy reached his orgasm too. I think I beat him to it a little bit - but then, who cares, as long as I'm happy?

I could feel him withdraw as I lay there across the chair with my eyes still closed. When I opened them, I could see the crowd had thinned. I didn't have to wait long to see why.

A tall, tough-looking guy in a black suit stood in front of me.

"Miss, we've called the police," he said. "They will be here in about five minutes."

"Are you the manager here?" I asked, sitting up and putting my thighs together.

"Yes I am. Your performance here has offended quite a few of our patrons. And, I probably don't need to remind you, it's against the law."

I thought for a moment.

"I suppose I'd better get out of here, huh?"

"That's what I'm trying to tell you, yes."

I could see Benny almost hiding behind a pole. She had our bag - good!

"Let's go Benny! Hurry, this guy's called the cops!"

"You'd better put some clothes on!" Benny said.

"Here!" She handed me the bag and I rummaged through it.

"This'll do," I said, as I pulled one of my pairs of shorts out.

A few people were still watching so I made sure I flashed my pussy as I slid my shorts up. They lace up at each side and I left the laces loose so the shorts kind of sit low on my hips - plenty of room for a hand to slide in!

"Let's go Benny," I said as I slid into my high heels. "How do I look?"

"Like a cheap hooker," Benny giggled. "Your tits are just about out of your top and it looks like your shorts are about to fall down."

"Sounds good! Let's go and wander around outside."

As we were leaving the restaurant, * pair of patrolling officers coming down the street.

"Quick, Benny!"

I grabbed her arm and we trotted across the street as quickly as we could in our high heels. My jiggling tits attracted a few stares in the crowd, especially as my nipples had popped out again and plenty of flesh was in clear view.

The cops - a male and female - looked at us as they entered the restaurant where we'd been.

"Phew! Benny, that was heaps of fun! Three orgasms in one place! What shall we do now?"

Want to see pics of this?
U know what to do I guess.

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Nope - I shall pass on the photos, thanks though.

Until later

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well girlslave, very entertaining. oh yeah, and send those pics along.

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hi slave yes i want the phots now my little cunt !

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Of course I want those pictures.

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I would love some pics!

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great story, love to see the pics!!!

girlslave_200 30F

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how can i show u pics?

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i'd like see your video,do u have it ? online?beso

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Post the pics in your album.

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slave send me the pics i would 2 see them of u?

girlslave_200 30F

9/20/2006 1:51 pm

all those who want pics... send me a message...

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send me the pictures

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I would love to have your pic...
Why don't you add a video to your profile???

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Please send the pics to paulbrown [at] fsmail [dot] net
Your local guy

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I ask you to research me now, You will find by the time you do I will already own you.

PS: Soon I will start work on your hood v v soon.

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10/7/2006 10:05 am

fabulous story....can't believe how hard i got!

girlslave_200 30F

10/7/2006 3:27 pm

    Quoting rm_justbertie:
    fabulous story....can't believe how hard i got!
its not a story. it did realy happened

rm_justbertie 45M

10/9/2006 3:24 pm

well that'e even better then! so who mentioned that there were pics of this event?

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